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Playboy Model Says She's Too Beautiful For Love As Men Are Scared To Date Her

Playboy Model Says She's Too Beautiful For Love As Men Are Scared To Date Her

Elizabeth Marie Chevalier has appeared on the front cover of numerous magazines

A stunning Playboy model has said she struggles to find love because men are intimidated by her good looks. Seems like a nice problem to have, if you ask me. 

Elizabeth Marie Chevalier, 27, lives in San Diego, California, where she works as a model, appearing on the front cover of numerous magazines including Playboy and Maxim and also has a successful OnlyFans account. 

However, although she attracts plenty of admirers - amassing a whopping almost two million followers on Instagram - when it comes to dating Elizabeth struggles. 

Jam Press

She explained: “I’ve been told that I’m intimidating to guys because I’m tall – I’m 5ft 10 – and I’m beautiful and I have a very intense personality.

“I’m actually very sweet and loving so if they took the time to get to know me they would realise that.

“I’ve been on dates where guys just can’t speak to me. The men that do chat me up are usually too cocky and self-obsessed, they clearly go for every pretty girl in the room. They see us as trophies.

“I would 100 percent date a fan but every time I’ve met a guy through my Instagram they have just treated me like a commodity. I know I wear a bikini online but it’s a job, most guys can’t see past that.

“Dating is hard – guys are scared because I'm so beautiful.

"I would totally let a friend set me up with someone. In fact, I would prefer it."

Elizabeth, who has been single for six months, says it’s not just fellas who can have strong opinions about her good looks as women often assume that she will steal their boyfriends. 

During one incident a woman at a party started ‘screaming’ in her face after she saw Elizabeth talking to her other half. 

When it comes to what she’s looking for in a man, Elizabeth said: "My ideal man is someone who is the strong but silent type.

"I like the tall darker features, a handsome man.

Jam Press

"Age is not a problem to me nor is their job, as long as they are successful and passionate."

She’s also looking for a confident man, adding: "He would just have to come up and say 'hello beautiful can I ask you on a date?'.

"I like a guy who is very forward and knows what he wants."

There you go - form an orderly queue, guys. 

Featured Image Credit: Jam Press

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