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Police Called After Customer Complains About His Chips At Restaurant

Police Called After Customer Complains About His Chips At Restaurant

James Lewin visited The Drove restaurant with his mum, girlfriend and sister in Newhaven, East Sussex

We've all been disappointed with restaurant food from time to time, but rarely does the situation escalate to the extent that the police get involved.

Well, that's exactly what happened when cops were called to a Brewers Fayre restaurant after a furious customer complained about a disappointing portion of chips.

James Lewin was fuming after his £5.79 portion of chipotle beef chilli-topped chips arrived at his table without the advertised 'gooey' cheese sauce, soured cream and spring onions.

The 22-year-old visited the The Drove restaurant in Newhaven, East Sussex, with his mum, his girlfriend, and his little sister.

After he posted a pic of his disappointing snack on social media, some viewers thought it looked like someone had 'pooped on the chips'.

Kennedy News and Media

James, from Newhaven, East Sussex, said: "We'll definitely not be going back, it was a monstrosity.

"We ordered food with loads of added extras that you have to pay for, so it's like £1 more some extra sauce. We did about £5 to £10 worth of upgrades.

"As you can see on the picture, the only thing that's on the chips is the chilli. We got two of the chilli chips which were about £6. Both of them were like this.

"The food came out and there was literally none of it was on the food, like the cheese sauce you pay extra for. It was all in all terrible."

The family claim they demanded a full refund, but were only offered 20 percent of their money back. Eventually, police arrived at the scene.

James said: "All of the staff [apart from] one started to go into the kitchen, one of the cooks came out and was unbelievably rude.

"I’m not sure who called [the police]. It may have been them due to the fact they hid for half an hour in the kitchen, but they had no reason [to call them]. Even the police said so."

For their part, the restaurant claimed James and his party had been informed that some of the things they ordered weren't available.

A Whitbread spokesman said: "Due to an issue with one of our fridges we can confirm a party of guests were advised some items were unavailable.

"The guests were informed when they ordered our loaded fries that there was no sour cream or spring onions. They were also offered a refund for their drinks and the items they were unhappy with.

Kennedy News and Media

"Whilst not ideal, our team worked to offer alternative solutions, which the guests were unhappy with, and the escalating situation resulted in our team calling the police.

"Whilst we appreciate there may have been disappointment, our teams work hard to provide a great service and abusive behaviour is not tolerated in any circumstances."

A spokesperson for Sussex Police said: "We attended the Brewer's Fayre in The Drove, Newhaven following a report of a dispute between customers and staff on Monday (23 May) at approximately 10pm.

"We gave words of advice to both parties and as no further allegations were made, no further action was taken."

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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