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Police issue warning after one type of car is targeted by thieves

Police issue warning after one type of car is targeted by thieves

A local police force has issued a warning over one type of car being targeted by thieves currently

Police in Merseyside have issued an important warning to drivers who own one type of car after an increase in thefts.

In a post on Facebook, Sefton Police said there had been five thefts of catalytic converters in Southport and Formby over the last month.

They said that these cars were all parked on driveways, and most targeted were Honda Jazz cars.

Sefton Police also added that these thefts occurred overnight and from private driveways.

On the post, they said three things anyone who owns a catalytic converter can do to reduce their risk of being robbed.

People are being warned over one particular type of car being targeted by thieves.
Ashley Cooper / Alamy Stock Photo

The first one is to invest in 'cat locks' - which the police especially recommend to anyone who has had their catalytic converters robbed before to reduce the risk of it happening again.

It has also been recommended for anyone that has CCTV or a doorbell camera to reverse their vehicle onto the driveway.

This way the back of your car is covered by the CCTV or camera equivalent.

But the police asked people to make sure their CCTV cameras are maintained, and the lenses have been cleaned to help catch potential thieves.

And the final bit of advice is for anyone that has gates at the front of their house to consider locking them with a 'sturdy chain' to reduce the chances of thieves being able to get past and steal your vehicle.

While Honda Jazz's have been the most common for thieves to target, Sefton Police warn they are not the only cars being targeted.

They also say that Toyota and Lexus makes are often targeted, alongside others.

Honda Jazz's are being targeted the most.
VDWI Automotive / Alamy Stock Photo

A spokesperson for Merseyside Police told Liverpool Echo: "If you see anyone acting in this manner under cars in car parks, CCTV, photographs, video or dashcam footage of the people involved and details of the vehicles they have used will be vital in helping us to arrest offenders.

"Call us on 999 if you believe you are witnessing a crime in process, or 101 if you have information or footage of an incident at a later date.

"These thieves are brazen and often carry out their crimes in busy areas on the basis that no one will report what they are seeing.

"Please help us to catch these offenders by reporting people acting suspiciously under cars in car parks."

LADbible has contacted Merseyside Police for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Merseyside Police / Starsphinx / Alamy

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