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If You're Going On Holiday Soon, You Could Be A Victim Of Britain Leaving The EU

If You're Going On Holiday Soon, You Could Be A Victim Of Britain Leaving The EU

If you've booked a holiday, but are yet to exchange your pounds for a foreign currency, you're going to be a victim of Britain leaving the EU I'm afraid. And your flights look like they're going to go up in price, too.

The English pound has now plunged to its lowest level since 1985, with Sterling being down against every single major currency group.

This means that exchanging money from pounds to Euros, for example, will make it more expensive to leave the country. Whereas the UK will be more affordable for people to enter. Good for tourism, bad for your pocket.


UK managing director of Travelzoo, a travel deals company, Joel Brandon-Bravo, said during the referendum: "The next 24 months of negotiations will be crucial for British travel - particularly if the UK Government wants to maintain inbound tourism from the EU, and avoid a price hike for Britons wanting to travel abroad for holidays.

"Obviously top priority is dealing with the impact the referendum result will have on the value of the pound, but there are other factors that could make the result a big blow for the travel industry."

The news of Britain leaving the EU was so unexpected for airline Ryanair that the company sent out an email offering deals 'celebrating remaining in Europe'.


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A spokesperson for the airline said: "It's a good job we're better at running an airline than political campaigns.


"Britons are booking our £9.99 seats in record numbers in what will be the last big seat sale of its kind, as they look to flee a country which will be run by Boris, Gove and Farage."

Credit: PA/Lewis Stickley

Is this the end of cheap flights?


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