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Donald Trump Just Retweeted A Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theorist

Donald Trump Just Retweeted A Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theorist

He was retweeted a 2014 post from a bloke who reckons the victims and their parents were 'crisis actors' trying to spark gun control debate

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Last year, US President Donald Trump copped a serious amount of flak for retweeting three anti-Muslim videos from the deputy leader of the Britain First group. It sparked outcry from around the world because it was a world leader pledging his support behind a far-right group that is distinctly built on anti-multiculturalism.

Who knows whether Trump actually controls his own Twitter account, but whoever is behind the profile should have learned to vet the person you're about to retweet.

Introducing Wayne Dupree, who, on the surface, looks like he was proud to say in 2014 that he's a black Republican.

He's got a blue certification tick on Twitter, so it appears as though he is 'somebody' and his post from four years ago obviously caught Trump's attention enough for the President to reply with: "So true Wayne, and Lowest black unemployment in history!"

Seems like a pretty innocuous piece of social media activity - at least by Trump's standards. But if you knew who Wayne Dupree is, then you would be shaking your head as to why anyone in an elected position would go near his posts.

Shortly before Christmas in 2012, Adam Lanza shot dead his mum before massacring 20 students and six staff at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut. It was considered one of America's worst mass shootings because the student victims were just six and seven years old.


Because there are dark corners to our society, conspiracy theories started rising about what really happened at Sandy Hook.

There were theories about additional shooters, false flag motivations and even that the shooting never happened.

That's where Wayne Dupree comes in.

On his own website, he claims the victims and their families were instead 'crisis actors' who were organised to play the role of 'dead student' or 'grieving parent'. He posted photos of devastated mums and dads on his sites and tried to connect them with random people or even claim they were 'clandestine operatives'.

Dupree alleges this staged event was designed to give the Obama administration a reason to start the conversation about gun control.

Incredibly, this is not the first time the President had engaged with someone who believes that Sandy Hook was faked. Nearly two years after the tragedy, InfoWars head Alex Jones claimed the shooting was a 'false flag' and the victims were 'child actors'.

Before his inauguration, Trump sat down with Jones and said he had an amazing reputation.

That caused the daughter of the principal killed at Sandy Hook, Erica L. Lafferty, to write an open letter to Trump to denounce Jones, which was left unanswered. The Newtown School Board also wrote to the President in February last year to recognise the Sandy Hook massacre and 'remove your support from anyone who continues to insist that the tragedy was staged or not real'.

Unsurprisingly, that was also left unanswered.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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