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Greens MP set to bulldoze 20 trees for her investment property

Greens MP set to bulldoze 20 trees for her investment property

Senator Mehreen Faruqi is set to knock down around 20 trees to turn her property into three luxury rentals.

A Greens MP plans to bulldoze over a dozen trees for her Port Macquarie investment property.

Deputy Greens leader Mehreen Faruqi and her husband are set to knock down around 20 trees to turn her investment property on the northern NSW coast into three luxury rentals.

The Greens MP submitted a development application to Port Macquarie Hastings Council earlier this year to knock down the existing home to split it into rentals, which will cost nearly $1.5 million (£778,917) in the koala habit, as per The Adelaide Advertiser.

Instagram/Mehreen Faruqi

Senator Faruqi and her husband bought the home in 2001 for $250,000 (£129,766), and it has since been rented out.

The plans posted to the council’s website said that the development ‘will require the removal of most of the trees on site’, including critical wildlife.

A spokeswoman for Senator Faruqi said: “If this project goes ahead, it will meet all ecological requirements, including retaining the large spotted gum along the boundary under which koala scats have been found and building nesting boxes”.

LADbible has approached Senator Faruqi for comment.

As Faruqi is a member of the Greens, which fiercely advocated against logging and have devised a plan to save koalas from extinction, many labelled the senator as a ‘hypocrite’, with many speaking out online.

One person said of the news: “I really do hope that beforehand she will relocate our little friends to a new home ..and not leave them high and dry etc.”

Another said: “Mehreen Faruqi is a greens-socialist who doesn’t practice anything she preaches. She’s a multimillion-dollar hypocrite. Pass it on.”

A third shared: “Greens MP will bulldoze 20 native trees at the heart of one of the biggest koala habitats to add THREE LUXURY townhouses via @MailOnline. Well this really p***es me off Mehreen Faruqi - and I'll bet Max Chandler-Mather has nothing to say. #auspol #housing F**k the Greens!”

While another panned: “What say you, oh purveyors of climate protectionism @Greens? Much #hypocrisy?”

Featured Image Credit: Instagam/Mehreen Faruqi. Taiyou Nomachi/Getty Images