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Golf pro praised for reaction to man 'who's played for 20 years' telling her how to swing

Golf pro praised for reaction to man 'who's played for 20 years' telling her how to swing

She handled the awkward encounter with class

A professional golfer who was given some advice by a random bloke while at a driving range has been praised for her response.

Georgia Ball is a pro golfer with the Professional Golfers' Association - or PGA - who routinely share clips of herself practising and offers tips and tricks to wannabe golfers.

In one recent clip shared to TikTok, Ball could be seen at the driving range where she filmed herself sending a golf ball sailing down the range, and stopped her swing earlier.

Ball was then approached by a seemingly well-meaning, but perhaps misguided, stranger who attempted to give the professional golfer some advice on her swing.

In the clip, the man, who is out of shot, said: "Excuse me, what you are doing there, you should not being doing that."

He continued: "You should be right through your swing and follow through. You are too slow on the way up and then back."

Ball tried to explain that she was fully aware of her form, as she was actually trying out a new style of swing.

She politely said: "OK, I am going through a swing change at the minute."

Pro golfer Georgia Ball was given some advice by a misguided stranger.

The man then said: "I've been playing golf 20 years."

Yeah, mate but are you a pro?

Ball then lines up another shot and sends the ball sailing with her swing, to which the guy says: "See how much better that was?"

At this point Ball tells him she was deliberately slowing down her swing, prompting the man to reply: "Keep doing that anyway, OK?"

Commenting on the clip, which has been viewed some 8 million times on TikTok, Georgia admitted: "This was a bit awkward, not going to lie. I couldn't help but laugh. I was lost for words!"

However, her response to the amusing situation has been praised by social media users with one saying: “I’m behind my own cushion in embarrassment for that guy. She was extremely polite about it - what a legend she is.”

Ball has been praised for her reaction.

Someone else said: “She showed grace, was polite, and allowed this man near her to indulge in some mansplaining. Would he have felt the need to open his mouth if it was a middle aged man with a beer gut? I doubt it.”

While TV presenter Dan Walker chipped in to say: “Georgia showed remarkable levels of class and restraint here. I hope the fella involved gives a full apology and goes to her for a lesson.”

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/georgiagolfcoach

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