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Lad shows off unusual method to pour the 'perfect' pint of Stella

Lad shows off unusual method to pour the 'perfect' pint of Stella

It's a game changer

A lad has shown how to pour the 'perfect' pint of Stella. Have a look for yourself:

It's a skill we all like to think we've mastered, but few ever really do during our short stay on this big ball of rock.

Trying to get the perfect balance of quaff to head is no easy task, and too often results in a disappointing glass of foamy sadness.

You're then stuck waiting 10 minutes for it to settle so you can pour the rest of the can in and actually get to supping your brew.

Well, those dark days could be over, because a lad has shared a pretty simple hack to pour the 'perfect' bev.

In a video shared to his TikTok account, @alansim35 pulls out a pint can of Stella and begins his demonstration.

Thee TikToker shared their unusual method for pouring a pint.

Now, rather than trying to defy physics and tilt the glass to an extreme angle, he places it over the can and flips it upside down.

At first, this whole manoeuvre seems to have failed, with the glass immediately filling up with foam, but stick with it.

As the foam reaches the top of the glass, Alan pulls the can up, causing a vacuum, sucking the foam back up and allowing it to pour more freely.

He then slowly edges the can out until he's managed to achieve a rim of fluffy head at the top.

And that's that.

Since the tutorial was posted, it has been viewed more than 59,000 times, with dozens piling into the comments to share their thoughts.

"Unbelievable Jeff," wrote one.


Not everyone was so impressed by the effort, though, with some pointing out that not only was it only a half but that it might not actually have been very hygienic.

One said: "Hope you washed the top of that can before you did that… I hear lots of stories there’s loads of rats about during storage."

Another chipped in: "Pretty sure this makes the pint go flat quicker."

"I’ll have a flake with mine please," put a third.

While another added: "Jus drank a can waiting for that one be poured."

Everyone's a critic, eh.

Featured Image Credit: @alansim3/TikTok

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