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Presenter’s awkward reaction as he mistakes Logan Paul telling him he loved him at Fury Paul fight

Presenter’s awkward reaction as he mistakes Logan Paul telling him he loved him at Fury Paul fight

This is the sporting equivalent of calling your school teacher 'mum'.

As far as embarrassing interviewer faux pas go, this one is a doozy.

Seasoned broadcaster Radio Rahim sat down with YouTuber Logan Paul after the third round of the big fight.

You know, the one where his brother Jake Paul finally faced off with Tommy Fury.

Yeah, that one.

A fight three years in the making, and everyone was keen to hear what words of encouragement the other Paul brother had to say.

But, in a moment that is the sporting equivalent of waving at someone and then realising they were waving at the person behind you, Rahim got a bit muddled up.

Rahim had asked Logan what his message to Jake was before he walked out and into the ring.

"I said, ‘Jake I love you, I’m not going to give you a big speech, I know you got this but come back victorious or come back on your shield, I love you bro’," Logan replied.

But, unfortunately for Rahim, he misunderstood Logan.

He failed to realise that the 'I love you bro' was the end of his pre-fight message to Jake.

But Rahim didn't fail to reply.

"I love you too, man," he said, thinking Logan was talking to him and sparking laughter from people around the world.

And it did not go unmissed on social media.

Many were left in stitches, as one Twitter user penned: "Radio Rahim saying 'I love you too man' to Logan Paul who was saying it to Jake is the same awkward energy as when you wave back to someone who wasn't waving at you."

Another said: "Radio Rahim has always been a weapon, him telling Logan Paul he loves him too has to be the meme of the year."

A third commented: "I didn't understand why this was so awkward at first, then I saw this cut and realised he was talking to Jake, lmao at saying I love you too."

While another said: "'Thank you sir, enjoy the flight'. 'You too'".

Oof. Wonder how many decades it'll take him to stop shuddering at the thought of that little muck-up.

And the thing is, we've all been there in one way or another too... just not on a global scale.

Rest In Peace, Radio Rahim.

Featured Image Credit: foxsports

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