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Calls for 'disgrace' Prince Andrew to be stripped of title

Calls for 'disgrace' Prince Andrew to be stripped of title

The 63-year-old also held the position under the Queen's reign

Campaigners have branded Prince Andrew a 'disgrace' and called for him to be stripped of his title.

Following the death of the Queen last week, Charles took over as the country's monarch.

One of his first jobs following the tragic news has been to choose five counsellors of state, who stand in for the king when he's incapacitated.

As well as the Queen Consort, Charles also appointed his brother to the position, which he held during the Queen's reign along with Prince William and Prince Harry.

However, some of the 63-year-old's critics have not taken the news well, with the anti-monarchy group Republic branding him a 'disgrace'.

Speaking to The National, the group's CEO Graham Smith said: "It is a disgrace – and a serious misjudgement – to allow Andrew any formal role as a royal.

Prince Andrew has been appointed counsellor of state, while Princess Anne has not.
INSTAR Images LLC/Alamy

"To be a Counsellor of State, making it possible that he will be conducting public duties on Charles’s behalf, is clearly unacceptable.

"Andrew’s reputation is in tatters, to think he might represent Britain at the highest levels is going to damage the monarchy, Charles, and the country’s reputation."

Mr Smith's concerns are shared by the group Our Republic, which told the publication that it was an incredibly ill-advised decision on the part of King Charles.

They said: "We should not accept this debasement of our country to go without response by the people.

"Andrew's status should be rejected and should the monarchy rally behind him they will show themselves as clearly unfit to rule."

Even political commentator Robert Peston shared some concerns over Andrew's appointment.

Writing on Twitter, the journalist said he thought it was strange that Charles did not choose Princess Anne to take on the role.

He said: "The monarch appoints five counsellors of state to stand in for him when he is unwell or out of the UK.

The Queen's coffin was taken to Westminster Hall this week.
Charlie J Ercilla/Alamy

"They are his spouse plus the top four in succession to the crown who are aged 21 or over.

"These include Prince Andrew and his daughter Princess Beatrice (only just appointed) but not Princess Anne, who is probably the most widely respected of the royal family.

"Many would say this is nuts, especially since the 2013 Succession to the Crown Act ended primogeniture, though only for those born after 2011."

LADbible has contacted Buckingham Palace for a comment over Prince Andrew's appointment.

Even during the funeral preparations, he has received significant criticism from members of the public.

On Monday (12 September), a protester was yanked back after shouting, " Andrew, you're a sick, old man," at the prince during the Queen's coffin procession.

The protestor later explained exactly why he did it, stating: "Powerful men shouldn't be allowed to commit sexual crimes and get away with it."

He was later charged by police with breach of the peace.

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