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Prince Andrew and his ex-wife will be looking after The Queen's corgis

Prince Andrew and his ex-wife will be looking after The Queen's corgis

Prince Andrew and his ex-wife will take care of the Queen's beloved corgis

With the death of Queen Elizabeth II a lot of things are going to be changing in the UK, but while several nations have lost their head of state, the Royal Family also have much to sort out.

Like any family, when they lose a member there are decisions to be made about what to do with their things, and when pets are in the mix that can end up being a tricky choice.

The Queen was famous for her love of animals, being a lifelong fan of horses, but everyone knows it was corgis that were her absolute favourite.

She got her first one, named Susan, as an 18th birthday present all the way back in 1944, and during her more than 70 year reign she owned more than 30 of the dogs.

The late monarch was often pictured with her corgis, and they even featured alongside her on camera, including during the James Bond sketch of the 2012 Olympics opening ceremony.

As for the future of two of the Queen's corgis, they will now be taken care of by Prince Andrew.

The Queen is so associated with corgis that there are statues of her including them.
John Green / Alamy Stock Photo

A spokesperson for Prince Andrew confirmed that he and ex-wife Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, would be taking on the last two surviving corgis that the Queen had.

The corgis, named Muick and Sandy, had originally been gifts from Andrew and are now returning to him.

The Queen's second son gave her a gift of a corgi and a dorgi (dachshund crossed with corgi) early in 2021 while the coronavirus lockdown was still in effect, and she named the dogs Muick and Fergus.

However, Fergus died after a few weeks and Andrew got her a replacement corgi for her official 95th birthday.

Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson will now be looking after the dogs again, and at eighth in line to the throne, Andrew probably will have enough time on his hands to care for the corgis.

Prince Andrew and his ex-wife will be taking care of the corgis.
Ian Hinchliffe / Alamy Stock Photo

He stepped down from public life in the wake of revelations about his friendship with convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Andrew recently paid a £12 million settlement to Virginia Giuffre, with court documents showing he no longer needs to face trial for claims he sexually abused and raped Giuffre on three occasions while she was 17.

Michael Fagan, the man who famously broke into the Queen's bedroom and actually got into Buckingham Palace twice without being detected, revealed he'd once peed on the corgis food.

Having broken into the palace he found himself desperately struggling to hold back the call of nature and couldn't exactly find someone to ask where the nearest toilet was.

He said he wasn't about to relieve himself on the floor either, and found a solution when he found a bin marked 'corgi food' and decided it was better than soaking the carpet.

Featured Image Credit: REUTERS / Alamy Stock Photo/Royal Family

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