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Prince Harry said to be heartbroken at missing detail from his uniform

Prince Harry said to be heartbroken at missing detail from his uniform

Prince Harry is reportedly 'heartbroken' about a change that was made to his military uniform

Prince Harry is said to have been ‘heartbroken’ after an important detail was removed from his outfit as he stood vigil over the coffin of his grandmother Queen Elizabeth II.

Harry, as well as all of the Queen’s other grandchildren, stood around solemnly in Westminster Hall, where until last night the late monarch’s coffin had lain in state.

However, whilst Prince Harry was permitted to wear his army uniform – which had been the subject of a bit of debate beforehand – he had the letters ‘ER’ removed from his military uniform, despite the fact that his brother William was allowed to keep his.

Prince Harry attended the vigil in his uniform.
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According to a royal source who spoke to the Sunday Times, Harry was ‘devastated’ about this.

So, Harry did actually serve in the army, spending time in Afghanistan in active service.

That meant that on his uniform he wore a medal to commemorate his service, as well as various other trinkets commemorating the various jubilees his grandmother celebrated.

However, it all nearly didn’t happen, as he was thought to have been told to wear a morning suit instead given that he is no longer a working Royal.

Prince William was allowed to wear the 'ER' symbol.
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Anyway, King Charles III then said that he was allowed to wear the military uniform in the end.

Thank goodness for that, right?

Still, William was allowed to keep his ‘ER’ whereas Harry was not, because only those who are ‘in service’ to the monarch are allowed to have that particular bit on their clothes.

According to that source, he nearly decided not to bother with the military get-up at all due to the ‘humiliation’.

That source said: "He is heartbroken. To remove his grandmother’s initials feels very intentional."

Again, apparently it wasn't, it's just only for those in direct service to the Queen.

The Queen's grandchildren stood vigil on Saturday.
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Still, in the end he decided to wear the uniform of the Blues and Royals, as well as his medals for the Golden, Diamond, and Platinum Jubilee, his Army Pilot Wings, and the Afghanistan Operational Service Medal.

The drama in the Royal Family seems to have been put on pause at the minute while the Queen is mourned, but royal sources don’t think that everything is alright between Harry, his brother Prince William, and their respective wives Meghan and Catherine.

Harry and Meghan moved to the USA and renounced their active royal duties a while back, and it doesn’t seem as if that state of affairs is set to change any time soon.

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