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Landlord furious after punter brings horse into pub for a pint

Landlord furious after punter brings horse into pub for a pint

Whose horse is that?!

A pub landlord has been left less than impressed after a punter brought in a horse into his boozer for a pint.

It is fairly common for people to bring their dogs, for example, to the pub with them and indulge in a nice cold pint in the beer garden.

But typically they are not allowed indoors - though that wasn't stopping one customer whose animal is a fair bit bigger than a dog.

This punter had the audacity of walking into The Brickmakers public house in Swanmore, Southampton, last night with his horse. Yes, his horse.

Landlords Koren and Gareth Blake - who took over the pub in 2011 - posted to The Brickmakers Facebook account a picture of the man and his horse heading to the bar.

The punter brought his horse with him for a pint.

In the post, the landlord reminded customers of some of the rules of the pub such as no children after 7:00pm, and also that no animals or livestock are allowed in the pub - if they ever needed to be confirmed!

Accompanying the snap of the man with his horse, the post read: "This happened last night. Not acceptable. Just to reiterate we do not allow any animals or livestock in our pub.

"Apart from the complete ridiculousness of it, the poor horse's welfare, it's a health and safety issue.

"Nor do we allow children in our bar after 7pm. If people do not adhere to the rules they will be barred.

"We do not want to be a pub where children are allowed to run around wrecking the place whilst they're parents get drunk.

"From now on if customers do not follow our rules they will not be served.

The Brickmakers' landlord was not happy with the punter.
@thebrickmakers/ Facebook

"So sick of moaning about the same things. It's about time we had more police presence in the village."

The post has garnered some reaction on Facebook, with some finding it quite hard to believe and others making some quite frankly dreadful puns.

One person said: "So disrespectful to you guys. Totally unacceptable to think it would be ok to bring an animal into the pub."

A second added: "Wow. I thought this was leading to a joke. Sorry to read this guys."

A third joked: "The owner needed a drink coz he was feeling a little horse."

And a fourth also joined in: "Hope all has returned to normal now and everything is stable......."

LADbible has contacted The Brickmakers for further comment.

Featured Image Credit: @thebrickmakers/facebook/TripAdvisor

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