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Radio host Kyle Sandilands slammed for calling monkeypox the ‘big gay disease’

Radio host Kyle Sandilands slammed for calling monkeypox the ‘big gay disease’

The shock jock has landed himself in controversy, with one pundit saying he has 'achieved the impossible' by 'reaching a new low'.

Controversial Australian radio host Kyle Sandilands has found himself in hot water yet again.

This time he has dubbed monkeypox as 'the big gay disease' during his segment on KIIS FM.

The 51-year-old was discussing his requirement for his co-host Jackie 'O' Henderson to be vaccinated to meet his newborn baby, Otto.

In the segment, the show's producer Ross piped up with a question.

He asked: "What about me, do I need the Monkeypox vaccine?"

And it was right at this point that things went south. Fast.

"We're not letting any gays near [our baby]," Sandilands said.

The shock jock then suggested they call the producer's male partner, Damien, to ask him if he was concerned about catching the virus as an LGTBIQ+ person.

"The monkeypox, the big gay disease floating around, it's only the gays getting it… are you worried about getting it? Have you seen the dirty scabs that everyone gets?" Sandilands asked his producer's partner.

"It will kill your social life, I'd say, if you're covered in scabs."

Hoo boy, it did not go down with listeners.

One listener commented on social media: "Shockingly, Kyle Sandilands said something not only colossally f**king stupid, but also f**king offensive."

A second said: "Kyle Sandilands is honestly one of the most disgusting people in Australian media but he’s had so many free passes because he’s a 'shock jock' which means we expect him to be awful so it’s okay."

Victorian Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton also weighed in on Sandilands comments on Twitter, adding: "Please remind me - what’s the point of Kyle Sandilands? If you can’t say something constructive, maybe keep quiet?"

The Sydney Morning Herald's Andrew Hornery took to the Saturday paper to write a blistering criticism of the shock jock and his comments, which is still available to listen to and download.

"Sandilands left listeners gobsmacked after making a series of sexist, homophobic, crude and lewd comments, ranging from group sex acts and 'hairy armed old lesos' to catching thrush from 'dirty girls' and 'not letting any gays near' his newborn son for fear of catching monkeypox," Hornery wrote.

Hornery added that Sandilands has 'seemingly achieved the impossible this week by reaching a new low in breakfast FM radio'.

But Sandilands lashed right back, showing zero regret for his actions.

"All the gays hate [Hornery], remember, because of the Rebel Wilson outing and he's trying to throw the blame onto me because I dared let all the gays know [to] watch out for the monkeypox," he said on The Kyle and Jackie O Show on Monday.

Guess this is a case of a lesson... not learnt, then.

Featured Image Credit: kyleandjackieo/Instagram.

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