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Rock Band Idles Blow Glastonbury Viewers Away As Crowd Erupts Into Moshpit

Rock Band Idles Blow Glastonbury Viewers Away As Crowd Erupts Into Moshpit

Rock band Idles has left Glastonbury audiences utterly stunned.

Rock band Idles has left Glastonbury audiences utterly stunned. Catch a clip of the performance here:

The first full day of music at 2022's Glastonbury festival has gone off with a bang. Despite it being just day one, Idles has already been dubbed as having played 'the most ferocious set of the weekend'.

The British-Irish rock band – which first formed in 2009 in Bristol – have left festival-goers astounded with their performance.

Idles' set at Glastonbury marks one of only two shows the band will have played in the whole of 2022.

Prior to heading to Somerset, the band played at HMV Empire in Coventry on Thursday (23 June) as a warm-up show.

Glastonbury-goers and those catching the festival online have flocked to social media in support and astonishment over the rock band's latest performance.

"IDLES are smashing Glastonbury as expected. Holy s**t," one user said.

Another wrote: "Oh look, it's @idlesband playing the most ferocious set of the weekend. Thank god there's still bands out there that give a f**k. #Glastonbury."

A third commented: "I'm watching online and in awe at @idlesband tearing #Glastonbury to shreds. What a band."

"I might be careering towards 60, but watching #idles right now makes me wish I was in the mosh pit. Superb set," a final said.

Even an audience members who had never heard of the band reflected on how awesome their performance was.

"Got to be honest, I’ve never heard of #idles but them using their set to call out both the U.K. and the USA decision makers. Fair play to them.

"Use your platform and all that. Plus their crowd looks like they’re having the best time!" the user said.

The performance follows the release of Idles' fourth album.

The album, titled Crawler, features 14 songs and was released amid the pandemic.

Announcing the album on Instagram, the band said: ""CRAWLER" is our album. We love it so much & cannot wait to see it manifest. Thank you to all who have supported us throughout the pandemic, allowing us the grace of time & safety to reflect and make our most lucid work to date.

"In spite of it all, life is beautiful. LOVE."

The group has also received praise for speaking out about the abortion rights revoke while on stage at Glastonbury.

One viewer said: "Thank you @idlesband for being f**king on it - Joe telling the crowd about the abortion rights revoke in America and dedicating 'Mother' to all women."

A final resolved the set will be 'added to the "greats" in the history books'.

"It’s literally nailed the brief, bringing all the energy, using the stage for social / political causes beyond music. We’re watching history being made," they concluded.

Featured Image Credit: Alamy/ BBC

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