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Glastonbury fans divided by strange act as people say it's put them off going for life

Glastonbury fans divided by strange act as people say it's put them off going for life

One Glastonbury fan rejected the surprising act, saying festival goers 'need to be feral'

People have slammed an unexpected Glastonbury act for making 'smelly people smellier.’

There’s a not a lot that could happen at Glasto that you think would turn off loyal festival goers, but this act has left a bad taste in some people’s mouths.

After providing top-tier gigs such as Dua Lipa, Coldplay and a special appearance from none other than Michael J Fox, seems like this year’s event is already a success.

Not to mention the setlist that’s coming next, which sees Nothing But Thieves and SZA taking the stage today (30 June) for its final blast of good tunes.

However, it’s not the music that’s turning the day sour for some.

Joe Wicks led Glasto fans in a morning workout (X/@thebodycoach)
Joe Wicks led Glasto fans in a morning workout (X/@thebodycoach)

After social media users took to X, formerly Twitter to complain about a super early event on the stage, you’d be wrong if you thought it involved even an ounce of live music.

Instead, those who walked past were horrified to see a large crowd gathering around fitness buff Joe Wicks as he led them on an exercise routine to begin the day.

Now, workouts and Glasto aren’t two things that usually go together, but from the videos posted online, it seems as though those who attended this impromptu class were having the best time ever.

They can be seen kicking their knees up high as the crowd stretches as far as possible as people rushed to take part.

Except people who didn’t get tickets…and those who’d prefer to have a lie in before the real fun begins decided it wasn’t on.

There are always people complaining, but it seems that those who are bitter about health aren’t chuffed about this line-up.

Joe Wicks is a lockdown hero (X/@thebodycoach)
Joe Wicks is a lockdown hero (X/@thebodycoach)

Taking to the comments underneath videos of the workout, they squabbled over how weird it is.

One person vented their frustrations, writing: “It really annoys me I didn’t get a ticket to Glasto but people who wake up especially to do a Joe Wicks workout did.”

They continued: “Like literally f**k you. You should be trying to find your tent, off your tree, after hooking up with 40 people at NYC downlow not doing high impact training.”

The commenters mostly agreed with the user, stating that it’s a strange idea for a festival workshop.

One wrote: “Me: Everyone’s Glastonbury experience is unique and valid in all its forms. Also me: No, not like that! You need to be feral.”

But others didn’t understand the annoyance and thought it was all a bit of light-hearted fun.

Someone wrote: “You gotta remember some people were helped immensely in lockdown with his work outs and to do one live in the flesh with him must be incredibly cathartic so don't be an arse about it.”

Wicks even shared it to his own account and still, people were mixed about it.

Someone told him he was making ‘smelly people smellier.’

Joe Wicks had everyone up and active. (X /  @thebodycoach)
Joe Wicks had everyone up and active. (X / @thebodycoach)

Another said that seeing Wicks lead a crowd in doing fitness workouts ‘vindicated’ their decision to never go to Glasto.

However, someone else brought up how Joe Wicks became popular during the lockdown and loved this development: “Love it! Remember following his workouts during pandemic. Just raised the mood.”

But it’s not exactly the strangest thing to come out of the event after Coldplay’s Chris Martin donned a new accent when addressing the crowd, which left people wondering where his British accent fell off and how he picked up an American one?

Now, that’s the real conundrum of Glasto, not a fitness class.

LADbible Group has contacted Joe Wicks' reps for comment.

Featured Image Credit: X / @thebodycoach

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