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Celebrity Big Brother’s Gary Goldsmith addresses Kate Middleton’s whereabouts

Celebrity Big Brother’s Gary Goldsmith addresses Kate Middleton’s whereabouts

The royal's uncle spilled the beans during a chat with Ekin-Su

Social media sleuths have been speculating about Kate Middleton's whereabouts for weeks, while Kensington Palace have remained tight-lipped about her recovery.

But it turns out we just needed to stick a Love Island star and the Princess of Wales' uncle in the Celebrity Big Brother house to get an update on the Royal.

Although Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu shouldn't give up her day job, she did the country a solid by quizzing her fellow housemate on the ITV show, Gary Goldsmith, about his niece's condition.

Unless you have been living under a rock, you've probably heard one of the barmy conspiracy theories that have been circulating about Kate since December.

Kate’s ‘disappearance’

The Princess of Wales went to the London Clinic for a planned abdominal surgery on 16 January, at the same hospital where King Charles received treatment, and returned home to Windsor on 29 January.

At the time, a statement was released saying the operation was successful and that she was expected to stay there in for up to two weeks before continuing her recovery at home.

Kensington Palace said that they would only provide further updates 'when there is significant new information to share', but were soon forced to release a statement to put to bed the public speculation.

The statement said that the mum-of-three 'hopes that the public will understand her desire to maintain as much normality for her children as possible; and her wish that her personal medical information remains private'.

Stephen Pond/Getty Images

Online speculation grows

Conspiracy theories about the royals have been rife for the last few weeks following Kate's op.

The fact that her father-in-law King Charles has been so candid about his cancer diagnosis has only fuelled the gossiping, as she has taken the opposite approach amid her health struggles.

Given the lack of concrete information, social media users have took it upon themselves to do some guesswork - but it's an online rabbit hole that you'd be better avoiding.

The future Queen was then photographed for the first time following her surgery on Monday (4 March), before it was then announced that her first official public appearance this year has now been pencilled in for the Trooping of the Colour in June - but it has done little to silence the rumours.

Ekin-Su's investigation

Leave it to Ekin-Su to get to the bottom of a Royal Family theory - as the 29-year-old influencer managed to get Kate's uncles Gary to squeal about her decision to go underground.

The pair were chewing the fat in the bedroom when she finally plucked up the courage to say the words which have been on everybody's lips: "Where's Kate?"


The Brit businessman replied: "So, because she doesn't want to talk about that..."

His housemate then asked whether he was unable to talk about the details, to which he explained: "There's a kind of code of etiquette. If it's announced, I'll give you an opinion."

Ekin-Su sent Kate her well wishes before Gary reassured the reality star that she was in good hands.

He continued: "I know, I spoke to her mum, my sister, she's getting the best care in the world. All the family has done is put the wagons around and look after family first before anything else.

"They put a statement out that said, 'We'll take some time to recoup and we'll see you in Easter'."

Ekin-Su added: "I've heard mixed things about Kate and I don't want to make a comment but whatever it is, we want her to come back."

Gary seemingly compared his niece to The Terminator when he replied: "She'll be back, of course she will."

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