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Royal photo where Prince Louis is ‘missing finger' resurfaces after Kate Middleton admits editing photo

Royal photo where Prince Louis is ‘missing finger' resurfaces after Kate Middleton admits editing photo

The photoshop controversy has unearthed another snap

Another Royal Family snap has resurfaced after Kate Middleton confessed to editing the Mother's Day picture shared to social media yesterday (10 March).

The photo, which showed the Princess of Wales sitting alongside her three children, garnered a big reaction on social media.

Kate's absence due to planned abdominal surgery in recent weeks had already been fuelling wild conspiracy theories online, and it's safe to say the photo did nothing to lay them to rest.

Eagle-eyed social media users quickly noticed editing errors in the image and demanded an explanation.

Earlier today (11 March) Kate shared a statement to X, formerly known as Twitter, in which she fessed up to tweaking the snap.

This Mother's Day photo caused a big stir online.
Kensington Palace

She wrote: "Like many amateur photographers, I do occasionally experiment with editing.

"I wanted to express my apologies for any confusion the family photograph we shared yesterday caused. I hope everyone celebrating had a very happy Mother’s Day. C."

The statement led to many people demanding that the unedited photo be released.


Piers Morgan led the cry, as he tweeted: "The Palace should release the unedited photo of Kate & the kids asap. If it’s just a small bit of harmless retouching gone wrong, nobody will care.

"If they don’t release the original pic, the conspiracy theories they were trying to kill, will get way worse.."

Another social media user wrote: "Release the original immediately."

This Christmas snap also caused a stir.
Josh Shinner/@KensingtonRoyal/X

These sentiments were echoed in another post: "So post the original, unedited photo? Or does it not exist?"

In the wake of the chaos and controversy surrounding the edited picture, another image is resurfacing.

It's the family photo shared at Christmas, which showed Kate and Will with their three kids - Charlotte, George and Louis.

Soon after the image was shared, social media users began commenting on editing errors.

The prince's finger appeared to be missing.
Josh Shinner/Kensington Palace

Prince Louis appeared to be missing a finger on his left hand, while his parents seem to be missing legs to stand on.

Will's left leg looks as though it vanished, while Kate's feet appeared to have disappeared behind the chair her daughter is sat on.

Despite social media speculation about photoshopping, a royal insider attempted to put these rumours to rest at the time.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, they said: "It's not photoshopped. It seems as if he [Louis]... just bent his finger over. He's certainly not lost a finger – don't worry about that!"

Featured Image Credit: Josh Shinner/Kensington Palace Stephen Pond/Getty Images

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