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Photographer of Royal Family’s Christmas photo speaks out after confusion over Prince Louis’ ‘missing finger’

Photographer of Royal Family’s Christmas photo speaks out after confusion over Prince Louis’ ‘missing finger’

The Prince and Princess of Wales' family Christmas card shot has been the subject of much debate in recent days.

The photographer who shot the Prince and Princess of Wales' family Christmas card shot has spoken out after Prince Louis was spotted appearing to miss something pretty important.

Judging by the snap at least, William and Kate's youngest child - who is fourth in line to the throne - seems to have lost a finger on his left hand.

Obviously the five-year-old has still got all of his digits intact but his missing finger ended up becoming a huge talking point.

The Royal Family's annual Christmas card shoot had a monochromatic twist this year - with the entire brood all donning crisp white shirts and dark trousers as Yorkshire photographer Josh Shinner snapped away.

Kate is seen with her arm around ten-year-old Prince George, whilst the future King of England is resting a hand on the shoulder of Prince Louis.

And Princess Charlotte, eight, sits front and centre while sporting a huge grin.

But people on social media spotted a discrepancy and encouraged Kate and Wills to hold off slipping their cards in the post box as their youngest appeared to be missing a finger.

While other social media users also questioned why he was wearing shorts for the winter family snap, and some claimed that the Prince of Wales' legs were missing from behind Charlotte's chair.

There's a lot to unpack here.

And now, the bloke behind the lens has spoken out about it.

Josh even produced a rough sketch of the brood's Christmas photo to commemorate the experience - which he shared online.

Josh's sketch for the final composition of the photo.

In an Instagram post, he wrote: "It was such a pleasure to photograph The Prince and Princess of Wales and their family for the Christmas portrait this year.

"Without a doubt one of the most relaxed and enjoyable sittings I’ve ever had, and I now have a whole new set of jokes that are right on my level thanks to the children…"

And the comment section was flooded with praise, although some people asked him to spill the beans on what kind of comedy George, Charlotte and Louis are in to.

But he is staying tight-lipped, adding: "Keeping those to myself I’m afraid!"

Others did point out his supposed 'Photoshop fail' with Prince Louis' finger, as well as the apparent botched editing of Will's legs - but some leapt to his defence.

He said the children shared a 'whole new set of jokes' with him at the shoot.
Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

One user said they thought 'the missing finger is how he’s holding the arm of the chair', while another wrote: "Please shut down the silly photoshop talk—clearly Louis’s fingers are spread apart, not missing.

"And their legs are all there, albeit in unusual stances."

A third added: "His fingers are there! He just has them spread apart."

The image was originally shared on Saturday (9 December) by The Prince and Princess of Wales’ official X account, accompanied by the caption: “Our family Christmas card for 2023.”

A second Christmas card was also released this year - a coloured image of King Charles III and Queen consort Camilla.

Featured Image Credit: X/The Prince and Princess of Wales/Josh Shinner

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