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Sainsbury’s issue special guidance as Prime goes on sale in stores today

Sainsbury’s issue special guidance as Prime goes on sale in stores today

KSI and Logan Paul's hydration drink has sparked chaotic scenes in other stores, and now Sainsbury's is bracing itself

Sainsbury's has issued guidance to staff ahead of Prime going on sale in stores.

The hydration drink from YouTubers KSI and Logan Paul has previously sparked chaotic scenes in supermarkets across the country, with customers clamouring to get their hands on the sought after beverage whenever stock becomes available.

And as tends to be the case when demand outstrips supply, there have been people - and shops - reselling the drinks at extortionate prices.

Such is the hype around Prime, there is even a Prime Tracker Twitter account that provides updates on where and when you can grab the drinks.

Last week, the page tweeted screenshots of a staff update confirming the drink was going on sale, and a Sainsbury's spokesperson confirmed to The Grocer that Prime would be available in stores from today (Tuesday 21 February).

"We're launching Prime Hydration (a popular drink from Youtubers KSI and Logan Paul) in your store," the staff update read.

"This is an amazing opportunity for Sainsbury's as it has been a massive trend in the market, selling out in Aldi and Asda with lots of media attention. It should deliver over £4million in incremental sales for the business.

The drink is making people behave oddly.

"We'll be stocking four of the original 'core' flavours, as well as a KSI Limited edition Orange and Mango flavour. The KSI flavour has only just been released online this week and we will be the first retailer to launch it."

Following on from this, the supermarket sent out an 'urgent' update to staff, informing them of purchase limits and warning that stores are expected to be hectic.

According to screenshots shared by Prime Tracker, the initialism-laden staff memo read: "On Friday, we sent a Daily News letting you know we're launching Prime Hydration. We're making some changes and clarifications to that message.

"Stock is being centrally allocated and will arrive on Tuesday 21st or Wednesday 22nd February. You can start selling Prime from Tuesday.

"We're expecting a fast sell through, so recommend that shippers are placed at FOS, but the final decision is at your discretion.

"We expect stores to be very busy when the product launches on Tuesday as the launch of Prime coincides with predicted late pancake day purchases.

"Throughout this, colleague safety is our number one priority. Please follow this advice from the Crime and Security team on how to handle possible disruption in store, with a focus on 'People over product' and 'Capture on camera'.

People will fight you for one of these.

"This guidance includes a checklist, which should be read ahead of launch."

It continued: "Originally, we let stores know that customers can buy up to 10 items per SKU. However, this has changed to 3 Prime bottles per customer, across all SKUs. This is in response to social media activity observed over the weekend, and in line with our competitors.

"This message will be supported by POS in store, with barkers to go on the shipper, and optional store-printable A4 posters. One barker/poster will explain that there is a purchase limit. The other will let customers know we've sold out of Prime Hydration."

LADbible has contacted Sainsbury's for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Robert Convery / Alamy / @ItzOwen04 / Twitter

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