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Scientific breakthrough as NASA finds beer ingredient in space

Scientific breakthrough as NASA finds beer ingredient in space

Fancy a cosmic quaff?

Somewhere out there in the far reaches of outer space is something we can all relate to - the basic ingredients for a good night out.

Yes, thanks to NASA's James Webb Space Telescope we've been able to spot a couple of young protostars called IRAS 2A and IRAS 23385.

While they don't have planets forming around them the experts have spotted something almost as important as life, booze.

An international team of astronomers used the mighty space telescope to spot that these two protostars are surrounded by molecules of ethanol, also known as alcohol and just the thing that gets you drunk in the pub.

Out there in space there is quite literally out of this world alcohol to be had, though it's a bit far away so if you were hoping to pop up to IRAS 2A or IRAS 23385 and scoop off a bit of their ethanol for a brewery it's going to be a long trip.

That's the interstellar pint ruled out, so what else could it mean for life in our galaxy?

This is all the cool stuff they found.
Webb Space Telescope

I'm glad you asked, dear reader, because NASA has detected that these two young protostars are swimming in a veritable cocktail of chemicals.

As well as ethanol, this mixer likely contains acetic acid which is found in vinegar, so it seems as though the Milky Way isn't the best bartender if that's what they're mixing up.

They also found formic acid (which causes ant stings to hurt), methane, formaldehyde and sulfur dioxide.

It's this last ingredient in the cocktail which is most exciting, as scientists reckon that sulfur dioxide played an important role in kicking off important reactions on Earth when this planet was still very young.

Does this mean life?

My god, it's full of alcohol.

No, at least not yet, as planets haven't formed around these stars so there'd be nowhere for life to find a way.

However, there are the ingredients for potential life if other planets manage to form, but it'll take a hell of a long time before it'd grow into anything we could converse with or go for a pint with.

As for drinking alcohol in space, the first thing British astronaut Major Tim Peake wanted to do after returning from the stars was go and have a nice pint.

That's because taking alcohol up into space is banned as NASA is concerned that it'd muck with their equipment.

Then again, that's not stopped some astronauts from sneaking it up there as some interstellar explorers have stashed booze in their space suits.

Featured Image Credit: Getty Stock Images

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