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Biohacker who spends $2m a year to get 18-year-old’s body would drink alcohol for breakfast

Biohacker who spends $2m a year to get 18-year-old’s body would drink alcohol for breakfast

He had to give it up for a very specific reason - and no, surprisingly it's not because of its effect on his health

A biohacker who spends $2m (£1.57m) a year in a bid to achieve the body of an 18-year-old has revealed there was something that was once part of his extreme lifestyle that may come as a bit of a surprise – booze. Specifically, booze for breakfast.

Bryan Johnson, 45, says he has the biological age of an 18-year-old, and believes in his anti-aging and longevity methods so much that he has made a career out of it for himself.

The entrepreneur – who sold his payment processing tech business, Braintree Venmo, to PayPal for $800 million (then £492 million) a decade ago – has a team of 30 doctors headed by Cambridge-based anti-ageing expert Dr Oliver Zolman, who closely monitor his blood, heart, liver, kidneys, brain, blood vessels and sexual health.

Johnson has dedicated his life to following a rigorous daily routine, which he says has given him the heart of a 37-year-old, the skin of a 28-year-old and the lung-capacity and fitness of an 18-year-old.

Bryan Johnson.
YouTube/The Diary of a CEO

Along with a very precise 1,977-calorie diet each day, Johnson downs 80 vitamins and mineral supplements, exercises for at least an hour and goes to bed at precisely 8.30pm every night.

But there’s one thing that used to be an unexpected feature of his biohacking ways.

Speaking to Steven Bartlett on his The Diary of a CEO podcast, Johnson said: “I used to drink 3oz every morning for breakfast – 3oz of alcohol every morning with breakfast.

“I enjoyed drinking alcohol, I enjoyed drinking the wine.”

Host Bartlett asked him in disbelief: “For breakfast?”

Johnson went on: “For breakfast. Because I had to create the longest time period between my sleep to avoid it negatively affecting my sleep.”

Johnson also shared examples of what he eats.
YouTube/The Diary of a CEO

Mind you, 3oz is the equivalent of about 88ml – a fraction of even a small glass of wine, which is 125ml.

However, it turned out even a tiny bit of vino wasn’t appropriate for Johnson’s lifestyle, though not because of any concerns about its effect on his health, just how it fitted in to the wider picture.

“Then I got rid of it because it was too expensive from a calorie perspective,” he said.

“It was 71 calories for the 3oz, and I couldn’t fit it in with my calorie budget.”

Elsewhere in the podcast, Johnson also told Bartlett how his final meal of the day is done by 11am, and how he'll never go for any 'hanky panky' after his strict 8.30pm bedtime.

Oh, and how he uses his son’s blood to reverse ageing.

Rather you than me, mate.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/The Diary Of A CEO/Bryan Johnson

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