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Wizz Air flight attendant films 'UFO' flashing pink in sky while on flight from UK

Wizz Air flight attendant films 'UFO' flashing pink in sky while on flight from UK

A flight attendant was stunned when she spotted something weird outside the plane

The thing with UFOs is you never know when you're gonna see them.

So you can imagine her surprise when a flight attendant spotted one while thousands of feet up in the air. Check it out for yourself:

Denisa Tanase was working on a Wizz Air plane travelling from Luton, UK, to Syzmany in Poland when she glanced out the window.

But rather than seeing clouds and a whole lot of nothing, the-mum-of-two was faced with something she simply couldn't explain.

So she quickly grabbed her phone to get it on film to show people once back on solid ground.

Looking back over the footage, Denisa was certain she had just seen a UFO.

Denisa says she was stunned when she spotted something strange during a recent flight.

Speaking about the close encounter, the 36-year-old said: "I've been a flight attendant for a year and have never seen anything like this.

"I couldn't see anything with my bare eyes. But when I checked the video 20 minutes later I spotted it and I spoke to the pilot to ask if they knew anything.

"Everyone was confused - they hadn't seen anything while flying and there had been no turbulence.

"It was a weird shape, like a circle flashing pink.

"At first we thought maybe it was a reflection of our pink uniform but on the video you can see the motion - you can see it's flying."


Now, while most of us would be slightly perturbed by what they had just witnessed, Denisa said she wasn't really that bothered.

It's the first time she's ever seen something with her own two eyes that hints at the existence of alien life, and she is now a believer.

"I was just happy that I got something on film - I thought how is this possible?

"I've seen stuff before on the internet and thought hmm this could be photoshop but I had it on video myself. Now I definitely believe more than before.

"My family and friends think it is definitely aliens - my husband said you're my wife, I believe you."

This strange sighting comes just a few months after a boss at Nasa confirmed they were actively looking for UFOs.

Are aliens really out there?

Speaking back in September 2023, Bill Nelson revealed the findings of the body's long-awaited UFO report, which incidentally stated Nasa would no longer be calling them UFOs, instead using the term UAP.

He said: "We are looking for signs of life, past and present. It's in our DNA to explore and to ask why things are the way they are.

"In June of last year, NASA commissioned an independent study team to examine Unidentified Anomalous Phenomenon. We did so with a few goals in mind, first to examine how NASA can use our expertise and instruments to study UAP from a scientific perspective.

"Second, shift the conversation about UAP from sensationalism to science and to make sure that whatever we find or whatever we recommend is shared transparently around the world."

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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