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Flight attendant gives tourists grim warning to never use hotel kettles

Flight attendant gives tourists grim warning to never use hotel kettles

A flight attendant has warned tourists not to use hotel kettles among other items in their rooms for hygiene reasons.

There are many things that you have to bear in mind when staying in a hotel room - none more so than staying hygienic.

We have previously been warned not to leave our toothbrushes out in hotel rooms - as well as a few general things to avoid using in hotel rooms.

And now, a flight attendant has issued a warning on what not to use in a hotel room while on holiday - with one item being an essential for many visitors.

Flight attendant Demi Bonita, who posts on her TikTok account @demibonita, let her 77.5k followers know what to look out for based on her own experiences while travelling for work.

She emphasised that you should never use the kettle or coffee maker in your room - especially if her wagging finger is anything to go by.

"Never use the kettle. You don't know what has been inside of it." Demi warned.

Watch the full TikTok below:

As well as the kettle, Demi also said to avoid 'touching the remote control before cleaning it' and to remove all decorative pillows and blankets from the bed.

And it's not just flight attendants either - as hotel workers in the past have also advised customers to avoid using the kettle.

Former hotel worker, Angela Riihiluoma, said that she'd heard stories of some people apparently 'using it as a urinal'.

"So I don't care how addicted you are to coffee, don't touch the coffee maker." she said.


Avoiding using the kettle would be wise when staying in a hotel room.
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She also recommended ditching the decorative covers off your bed, adding: "I feel like at this point, everybody knows not to use the top cover [on the bed].

"Just take it off. Take it off. Just throw it on the floor."

But that's not the only thing that you should add to your checklist when checking into any establishment.

Speaking to Metro, travel firm eShores stressed that hotel workers had informed them of the reason to always flush a hotel toilet before use - especially in hot countries.

According to the travel company, you should flush upon arrival as well as when you return to your room after a day out - because, in warmer climates, the toilet bowl and under the seat offer the perfect hiding spot for insects and spiders. Gross.

And while all of this might seem a bit much, it is a case of better safe than sorry.

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