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Simulation showing how a baby's face develops is giving people nightmares

Simulation showing how a baby's face develops is giving people nightmares

Safe to say I'm not sleeping tonight...

A terrifying simulation showing how a baby's face develops in the womb is the literal stuff of nightmares.

Whether you want kids or not, you can't deny the whole process of pregnancy is pretty incredible.

But even with that appreciation, if you're wanting to see the process of a baby's developing face, it might leave you a little bit scarred.

You've been warned:

The BBC's Michael Mosley explained the process in the documentary Inside the Human Body: Creation, describing how it all starts with the philtrum - that groove between the bottom of your nose and your upper lip.

"Down the centuries, biologists have wondered why every face has this particular feature," he said.

"What we now know is it is the place where the puzzle that is the human face finally all comes together."

The clip then cuts to a simulation of a baby's face as it develops over time.

Two holes that start off at the top of the head lower down over time as the nose starts to take shape.

For a moment, it looks like all of the features are bunched up into one tiny area in the middle of the head, although it turns out these are just the nostrils and philtrum.

It's quite a trip seeing how the imagery goes from an unrecognisable mass to a fully formed human face.

The face is initially unrecognisable.

Mosley went on to explain: "We've taken data from scans of a developing embryo so we're able to show you for the very first time how our faces don't just grow, but fit together like a puzzle.

"The three main sections of the puzzle meet in the middle of your top lip, creating the groove that is your philtrum.

"This whole amazing process, the bits coming together to produce a recognisable human face, happens in the womb between two and three months.

"If it doesn't happen then, it never will."

The incredible footage left viewers in shock, with hundreds of people flocking to the comments section to share their thoughts.

On one side of the fence, people were left feeling a little disturbed after seeing the whole thing unfold.

"This is HORRIFYING," wrote one, while another said, "Now that is a face that will haunt my dreams."

A third added, "I've seen a lot of horrible things and been able to live with it. This I wish I hadn't seen."

But a majority of viewers were amazed by the process, with one writing: "This is extraordinary. I find it fascinating how the human body can do such things, all by itself!"

People have been left amazed by the insightful simulation.

"That would explain cleft palate and harelips," said another. "Like in my case the mouth formed but the top of the pallet didn't form. This is actually really cool to see."

A third, who described it as 'very interesting', added: "It's pretty cool to see the change in a video like that instead of just in pictures."

And then there were those who were straight up baffled, including the person behind the following comment: "I THOUGHT THE NOSTRILS WERE EYES AND THE EYES WERE EARS."

The caps say it all, really.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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