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Health Experts Warn Against New Beauty Trend Of Glueing Top Lip To Skin Beneath Nose

Health Experts Warn Against New Beauty Trend Of Glueing Top Lip To Skin Beneath Nose

A bizarre new trend is seeing people glue their top lip to the skin below their nose, apparently giving themselves a fuller-looking pout.


We've always held a strange obsession with the perfect pout, whether it's been through fictional icons of yesteryear like Jessica Rabbit and Betty Boop or today's real-life trendsetters - from the Kardashian clan right through to pretty much anyone on Love Island.

Because of that, many people have searched for the answers in slightly unusual places, ditching the ever-popular lip fillers for DIY efforts - as seen in the so-called 'Kylie Jenner challenge', which saw people suck their lips into shot glasses or small containers to plump them up.

But now there's a new one, and this time it involves glue.

Credit: TikTok/Chloe Hammock
Credit: TikTok/Chloe Hammock

A clip of the latest technique shows a woman applying glue to her philtrum (the area of skin between her top lip and nose), before pulling up her upper lip and pressing it down to the adhesive.


As she lets go, the lip remains in place, thus - apparently - giving her a plumper pout.

The video was posted to TikTok by user @chloehammock4, and has been shared widely on other social media sites like Twitter.

Thankfully, it doesn't look like she's taking things too seriously, and her raised eyebrows towards the end of the clip imply she's not particularly convinced.

Other people posted on Twitter to show off their attempts:

But many more commented to say they weren't into it, with one person tweeting: "Why are people doing this? If you want a bigger lip just fill it in with lip liner or something."

Another person said: "Imagine thinking this is attractive..."

Needless to say, as with most bizarre viral trends there are risks - especially if you use super-glue to attach your lip to your skin, which is a no-no.

Perhaps this is not the way to end up with lips like a Kardashian. Credit: PA
Perhaps this is not the way to end up with lips like a Kardashian. Credit: PA

Healthline warns against using super-glue on skin, saying: "Trying to pull apart skin that has been super-glued can cause it to tear.

"In rare cases, this type of glue can also cause burns."

It continues: "If you get super-glue on your skin, it shouldn't cause any lasting damage. The glue will dissolve on its own within a few days.

"You can speed up the process by rinsing the area with water or using nail polish remover.

"If the glue doesn't come off within a few days, or you develop a rash or burn, see your doctor."

Probably better off not trying to tempt fate though, eh?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/Chloe Hammock

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Jess Hardiman

Jess is a journalist at LADbible who graduated from Manchester University with a degree in Film Studies, English Language and Linguistics - indecisiveness at its finest, right there. She also works for FOODbible and its sister page Seitanists, which are both a safe haven for her to channel a love for homemade pasta, fennel (yeah, yeah, I know) and everything else in between. You can contact Jess at [email protected]

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