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When is the next UK solar eclipse and why we can't see 8 April blackout

When is the next UK solar eclipse and why we can't see 8 April blackout

The upcoming total solar eclipse cannot be seen across the United Kingdom

A total solar eclipse is one of the rarest events on the planet and those in North America are in luck this month.

But sadly for those residing in the United Kingdom, that luck stops on the eastern edge of the Atlantic Ocean.

The natural phenomenon is set to grab the attention of millions across the continent in April with total darkness set to replace the Sun in the middle of the afternoon.

Where will the April 2024 total solar eclipse be visible?

Taking place on 8 April, the path of totality - the area where total darkness will replace sunlight - will sweep across North America from Mexico, through the United States, and on to the eastern edges of Canada.

NASA has released a handy guide on exactly when total darkness will be experienced by millions.

Warnings are in place for those experiencing the blackout, which includes those who own pets.

Sadly, the UK and Ireland will for the most part not be experiencing the eclipse. Well, for most of us, anyway.

A Solar eclipse.
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There is a chance, according to experts at, with some coverage possible across Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Liverpool, Cork, Dublin, and Belfast.

The chances are really low, with a maximum obscuration of 11.25 percent expected in the Glasgow area.

But for those set on seeing it, the event should begin at around 7.52pm GMT before ending at 8.51pm.

When is the next UK solar eclipse?

The good news for UK residents is that there are two solar eclipses in the next two years.

The first will happen on 29 March, 2025, according to Royal Museums Greenwich (RMG).

Starting at around 10.07am GMT, it'll have maximum coverage at 11.03am before ending at around midday.

It won't be the most visual of eclipses, with around 30 to 40 percent of the Sun obscured by the Moon.

Safely looking at a solar eclipse.
Carlos Tischler/ Eyepix Group/Future Publishing via Getty Images

But it's better news for the second, which will happen on 12 August, 2026.

This time, there will be around 90 percent coverage of the Sun by the Moon.

The timing of the event will be from 6.17pm, with the most coverage coming in at 7.13pm.

When will the UK next experience a total solar eclipse?

It's a long way off, sadly. We're talking more than than 65 years.

For context, the last time the men's England football team won a major football tournament was 58 years ago.

So be prepared to wait a while.

Total solar eclipse.
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According to RMG, the next total eclipse will be on 23 September, 2090.

The last time a totality event happened in the UK was in 11 August 1999, with total darkness experienced in Cornwall and nowhere else in the country.

It saw thousands flock to the south west to experience the once in a life time event.

Featured Image Credit: Carlos Tischler/Eyepix Group/Future Publishing via Getty Images/Getty Stock Images

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