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Scientist explains why 'alien beings' presented in Mexico are probably fake

Scientist explains why 'alien beings' presented in Mexico are probably fake

Two 'non-human' beings were displayed during a congressional meeting.

A journalist and ufologist in Mexico has attracted a lot of attention after presenting what he claims to be alien beings.

Jaime Maussan displayed the small non-human beings at Mexico’s first public congressional hearing on Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAPs).

Maussan testified under oath that the bodies are not part of 'our terrestrial evolution'.

“These aren’t beings that were found after a UFO wreckage. They were found in diatom (algae) mines, and were later fossilized," he said.

Maussan said that scientists from the Autonomous National University of Mexico (UNAM) were able to collect DNA evidence via radiocarbon dating.

Over 30 per cent of their DNA was said to be 'unknown' and they only have three fingers on each hand.

The two bodies were recovered in Cusco, Peru and one of them was 700 years old and the other was 1,800 years old.

“It’s the queen of all evidence," Maussan claimed.

“That is, if the DNA is showing us that they are non-human beings and that there is nothing that looks like this in the world, we should take it as such.”

The Congress meeting was also shown X-rays of the beings.

Experts testified under oath that one of them is seen to have 'eggs' inside it.

Both specimens were also said to have implants made of very rare metals like cadmium and osmium.

However, at least one scientist has come forward to explain why they are probably fake.

According to AP, Julieta Fierro, researcher at the Institute of Astronomy at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, said some of the details in the case 'made no sense'.

Canal del Congreso México

She quickly pointed out that her university did not endorse the discovery, as Maussan had claimed.

Fierro also said they would need to do more tests than just an X-ray to determine if the beings were 'non-human'.

“Maussan has done many things. He says he has talked to the Virgin of Guadalupe,” she said.

“He told me extraterrestrials do not talk to me like they talk to him because I don’t believe in them.”

Jaime Maussan has been linked to debunked alien conspiracies in the past, which creates a lot of speculation on whether this latest declaration is real.

In 2017, he made similar claims and an official report declared they were 'recently manufactured dolls, which have been covered with a mixture of paper and synthetic glue to simulate the presence of skin'.

Another odd matter highlighted by Fierro was the lack of presence from Peru at the meeting in Mexico.

The researcher said it's weird the Peruvian ambassador wasn't present for the Congressional meeting considering the beings would have been a 'treasure of the nation'.

Featured Image Credit: Canal del Congreso México

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