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Locals From Welsh Town Strip Off For Naked Calendar

Locals From Welsh Town Strip Off For Naked Calendar

Sir David Attenborough was mightily impressed by his copy

You've probably already picked up your calendar for the coming year, but if you're still struggling to find the right one, we might have just the thing.

Dozens of people across a town in Wales have joined forces to create a very racy calendar in a bid to raise enough money for some whale tail-shaped recycling bins to put along the promenade.

Locals in Prestatyn stripped off for some cheeky snaps, with a local seaside resort, cafes, restaurants and a hairdressers all getting involved.

Pen News

Tyler Turner, the Welsh entry to Miss Mermaid International beauty pageant, also makes an appearance in the second time the town has had a go at a calendar.

So impressed was he with his copy last year, Sir David Attenborough even sent a handwritten letter of thanks.

The celebrated environmentalist and cultural icon was invited to the unveiling of the calendar, but he kindly - and probably wisely - declined.

Pen News

"I possibly scared him with a calendar full of flesh," joked Sally Smart, the secretary of the town's business forum.

Due to the pandemic, the town had struggled to find ways of raising funds for the project, so decided to give the calendar another whirl.

Sally, 51, explained: "We have lots of grants and held lots of fundraising projects but Covid shut them all down.

"The pandemic slowed the process and we really want to see the tails in place this year.

Pen News

"I am a wedding photographer and my best friend suggested I shoot a cheeky calendar as I had no other work on.

"The calendar was a big success so I decided to do another for this year."

Talking more about the calendar, Sally said some of the people involved were, understandably, a bit nervous about getting their kit off in front of a camera.

She said: "Each month is a different businesses.

Pen News

"Some businesses loved it so much last year that they were first to commit to this year’s calendar.

"Nerves were a big thing for some but we laugh so much and make each shoot as fun as it can be that they love the whole process.

"The chaps were more nervous that the ladies we found."

But while it was a fairly simple job for most of those involved, the amount of mirrors at Katie Walsh Hair made things quite tricky.

Sally said: "Katie and her team were the hardest for sure.

Pen News

"There were bums and boobs everywhere but they were the most confident people I have ever met.”

The whale tails, which measure almost eight feet tall, have been designed by artist Jacha Potgieter, who lives nearby in Betws-y-Coed.

It's hoped they will encourage people to think more carefully about the environmental impact of their waste.

Sally said: "The sea and the environment is at the forefront of everyone’s thoughts and we wish to keep our oceans free of plastic in any way which we can.

"The structures will be individual pieces of artwork and look magnificent on our promenade."

Calendars are priced at £10 each and can be ordered from the business forum at [email protected] or purchased at participating businesses around the town.

Featured Image Credit: Pen News

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