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Severed human penis discovered at a petrol station

Severed human penis discovered at a petrol station

An employee made the grim discovery, revealing it was the 'whole d**k'.

People fuelling up their cars have made the horrific discovery of a severed human penis at a petrol station in Mobile, Alabama.

Police believe the decapitated doodle may be linked to a deadly crash nearby, in which a motorcyclist came off his bike before he was 'struck by multiple vehicles' on January 30.

Mobile Police Department told Fox News that the odd discovery was not linked to a murder, assault, or any sort of grievous bodily harm charge.

Instead, officers believe the mystery member may have belonged to 29-year-old Christopher Means, the motorcyclist whose body was torn to shreds in the horrific traffic accident earlier in the week.

The petrol station in Mobile.
Google Earth

"The preliminary investigation revealed that the victim was riding his motorcycle Southbound on the I-65 ramp to Eastbound I-10 when he lost control of the motorcycle," police said via a statement.

"The rider was thrown from his motorcycle and struck by multiple vehicles."

Mobile Police revealed they are on the hunt for drivers who ran over Means' body and failed to stop.

According to the Daily Record, CCTV footage from the scene showed a truck arriving at the petrol station and the penis falling to the ground.

Shortly after a petrol station worker discovered the bodiless penis in the parking lot.

Confirming the incident, they said: "It was a whole d**k."

Stunned locals took to social media to express their disbelief over what had happened.

One man, who identified himself as a colleague of the fellow who died, took his thoughts about it to Twitter.

"In possibly one of the craziest, most f**ked up things I've ever heard, a severed penis was found at a gas station in my town yesterday ... The dude was literally torn to pieces on the interstate during the accident and his penis fell off the front end of a truck when the truck got off the interstate. What the f**k."

Another commented: "My mouth was literally hanging open the entire time I read the article. I can’t believe multiple people hit him but only one person stopped."

Others, who we assume had not read the full story, joked about the odd occurrence.

One user said: "It's always in the last place you look."

Another added: "People are leaving tips for everything these days."

Police are now appealing for witnesses to the crash that may be able to shed light on what happened.

Featured Image Credit: Artur Marciniec / Alamy. Rui Santos / Alamy.

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