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Sex doll company says they are inundated with requests to make Princess Diana dolls

Sex doll company says they are inundated with requests to make Princess Diana dolls

She's their most-requested royal, after the likes of Meghan Markle and Princess Catherine.

Lots of people out there want to shag Princess Diana, apparently.

'But she's dead', we hear you say.

Well, we don't mean her literally, but a sex doll made in her likeness.

Sex doll manufacturer Inferno Dolls revealed it has been inundated with requests for celebrity lookalike dolls, and that apparently includes members of the Royal Family.

Diana isn't the only royal who punters are calling for the sex doll treatment.

Princess Diana.
jonny sparks / Alamy

Meghan Markle and Princess Catherine of Wales also make up a number of their requests from fans.

However, CEO Ben Stroud describes himself as a Royalist, meaning we won't be seeing a raunchy royal doll anytime soon as they're all firmly on the 'no' list for taste and decency reasons.

"We get requests for Princess Diana regularly, especially after the latest series of The Crown, but we would never open ourselves up to accusations of cheapening her memory," he said.

"If we were just motivated by money we would create Megan Markle and Kate Middleton dolls and see through sales who is the most popular but at heart I am a royalist."

He added: "We are a global company so each country has their own version of Diana, but we don't want to offend anyone."

Princess Diana, reacting in the way we'd imagine would if she found out people wanted a sex doll version of her.
Keystone Press / Alamy

He did spill the beans on the most-requested male celebrity, though.

And would you believe it: It's not a member of the Royal Family.

Turns out many men and women across the globe are clamouring for a sex doll version of Peaky Blinders star Tom Hardy.

"I presumed he would be popular in the UK but Americans and Asians love him too," Stroud said.

"We get so many requests as customers know we can provide bespoke unique dolls it would not surprise me if we get an order for an overweight Tom Hardy, we could call him Tom Lardy."

Stroud revealed that many influencers and porn stars have opted to have sex dolls made in their likeness, so he does hold out hope that Hardy will agree to be doll-ified.

"I really hope he embraces the idea and helps us create a new doll which does him justice," Stroud said.

Tom Hardy in Mad Max: Fury Road.
Warner Bros

He added: "The porn stars and influencers who signed up for their own dolls have had amazing feedback from their fans."

Porn star Thor Johnson, whose doll is one of the best selling Inferno sex toys, said he loves having his own body double out there doing the deed.

"I loved the whole process of helping create it and I am sure Tom Hardy will do to," he said.

The company uses breakthroughs in silicone engineering to create life-size and lifelike sex dolls.

With the replicas of porn stars and influencers, the dolls come with accompanying virtual reality videos.

However, a Tom Hardy doll would be the first of its kind for the company, despite customers willing to pay £10,000 (AUD$18,546, USD$12,430) for a lookalike.

Inferno makes their dolls to have physical attributes including hair, muscles, birthmarks, facial likeness and replica genitalia.

They cost £8,000 (AUD$14,836, USD$9,944) each or £600 (AUD$1,112, USD$745) to rent for three days.

Featured Image Credit: Andia / Alamy Stock Photo. MediaPunch Inc / Alamy Stock Photo

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