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Sex expert says women are still faking orgasms and men have no idea

Sex expert says women are still faking orgasms and men have no idea

And yes, it is because you are disappointing in the bedroom and we're tried of your jackhammering.

Attention men: ladies have some bad news for you. Most of us gals are (unfortunately) still faking it.

Sometimes we're tired.

Sometimes we've had enough of your incessant jackhammering.

And, almost always, if you've told us you're a whiz in bed and you never fail to impress, it's usually the exact opposite.

But hey - don't take it at my word. Aussie sex expert Jana Hocking has revealed why women decide to imitate an orgasm.

Yep, we're still faking it.

And it's because men still have little to zero idea about what actually works downstairs.

Here's what Hocking had to say on the matter.

Konrad Bąk / Alamy

"Orgasms very rarely come from plain ol’ penetration," Hocking said in a column for News Corp, surprising apparently the male portion of the population.

"It usually comes from a very specific spot. Now grab a pen fellas because you may want to write this down: It starts with a C and ends with a T."

She then spelt out coup de grâce for the heterosexual men out there.

"Yes, my friends, it is called the clitoris, and you really want to give it lots of attention," Hocking wrote.

Fireworks. Cheers. In the distance, sirens. Seriously, guys, get it together.

And it's not just Hocking's girlfriends who agreed.

Or mine. Hi, to the gals in the group chat reading this.

There's an actual scientific study that proves that the majority of women require clitoral stimulation to have an orgasm.

Most women after sex.
Ievgen Chabanov / Alamy

The Centre for Sexual Health Promotion at Indiana University assessed data from 1,055 very disappointed women aged 18 to 94, who answered a rather detailed survey about their sex lives.

The survey found the majority of women don’t actually reach orgasm through intercourse alone.

So, shocker, you fellas might have to sub in a bit of help.

Hocking writes: "So, let’s clear this up once and for all. Men, start paying more attention to our clitoral area – and if you don’t know where that is located do a quick Google search."

If you don't know where that is, shame on you.

She continued: "It will blow your mind. And women, stop faking orgasms. Instead, perhaps nudge your man in the right direction and only moan when you mean it."

Or, better yet, involve some toys. Clitoral suckers are the new 'in' thing in sex toys.

That's for a reason, lads.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Jana Hocking. Liubomyr Vorona / Alamy Stock Photo

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