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Shopper shook after discovering dirty nappy on the shelf at Walmart

Shopper shook after discovering dirty nappy on the shelf at Walmart

Poor form, very poor form.

The human species never ceases to amaze you.

One innocent shopper was casually strolling around American supermarket chain Walmart when they stumbled up a not-so-pleasant surprise in one of the aisles.

Incredibly, the shopper was picking out which crisps (or chips for our American friends) they wanted to buy – but they were given the fright of their lives.

Upon looking down, they saw a dirty used nappy (again, or diaper for our American friends) sitting on the shelf.

Yep, grim.


The person, of course, took a picture of the folded-up nappy and stuck it on social media.

In a Reddit thread called 'mildlyinfuriating', the photograph blew up and went viral.

Thousands of users have now liked it with hundreds of others commenting.

The top comment read: "I'd be lying if I said I was surprised..."

Meanwhile, one person said: "That's f**king disgusting!"

As another asked: "What the hell is wrong with people?"

And a fourth added: "Why couldn't they leave it on the floor? Putting it on a shelf actually makes the situation worse."

A fifth chimed in, saying: "It's crazy how the people that SHOULD NOT reproduce, end up doing so more often."

We're not sure whether the parent-in-question either made a dash for the exit door after dropping the nappy off or casually continued with their weekly shop.

Either way, it's pretty poor form from the mother, father, family member or carer.

Featured Image Credit: Reddit

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