Parents divide opinion after letting small child jump on seat’s tray table during 8-hour flight

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A small child has been seen jumping around on a plane seat's tray table during an eight-hour flight.

Long-haul flights can be boring as hell, especially if you have the attention span of a young child who can get easily restless.

While many of us will happily watch several movies or read a book, a child might need more active stimulation to stop them from throwing an all-out tantrum.

So, that's clearly what this kid was allowed to do during a lengthy flight.

Viral footage posted to Reddit shows the child standing on the tray table and bouncing around.

Many people are divided on how they feel about the video, with some criticising the parents for not stopping the behaviour.

Credit: readysetgorilla/Reddit

One person said: "I would feel like a failed parent if my kids were doing this and I was just straight up allowing it."

Another wrote: "Why is the guy just letting it happen? I would’ve said something."

A third added: "I'm pretty non confrontational, but even I would stand up and say something."

A fourth said: "I'm honestly surprised there aren't any adult only flights. I'm sure many lawsuits would come from it but I think it's a solid idea."

But not everyone was against the child.

A person on Reddit commented: "In situations like this I am patient enough to let it run its course until someone ELSE notices besides me."

Another defender wrote: "That's how my kid would act. My wife really wants to take him on a plane ride somewhere. I refuse."

While the kid didn't look like they were being too much of a disruption to the other passengers, you can imagine what the bloke sitting in front of the child was thinking as his child rocked slightly.

People also highlighted how dangerous it is for the child to be up there like that.

A small bit of turbulence could see that child tumbling down on the aisle or on an armrest, which could do some hefty damage.

Other people in the comments section suggested the best course of action would be to get the flight attendant rather than yelling at the kid or their parents.

Featured Image Credit: readysetgorilla/Reddit

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