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Ryanair, easyJet and BA warning to anyone boarding with a certain bag

Ryanair, easyJet and BA warning to anyone boarding with a certain bag

A warning has been issued to anyone flying with EasyJet, Ryanair, and BA this summer.

A warning has been issued to anyone flying with easyJet, Ryanair and BA this summer.

As if flying couldn't get any more chaotic, here's something else to add to your checklist: check your bags.

Journalist and author Pandora Sykes says she wasn't allowed to board because she had the wrong type of bag.

EasyJet didn't let Pandora board.
Johann Ragnarsson / Alamy Stock Photo

So, prepare to take notes because no one wants to hurl themselves to the airport three hours early only to find that the plane's taking off without them and their annoying bag.

Pandora tweeted out saying: "Beware anyone being so foolish to fly easyjet - captain just refused to let us board our flights because our checked-in suitcases have USB ports (aka “smart bags”).

"EasyJet quietly changed their Ts&Cs a few weeks ago without telling their customers."

We didn't even know they made bags with USB ports, but it's not like we're going to buy one now after hearing this.

While one user asked Pandora if she'd done her due diligence, writing: "Did you remove the battery? There’s a list of things you’re not allowed to keep in your hold luggage and we tick the box to confirm we do not have these items so I guess the pilot was acting from a point of safety."

Pandora replied saying that she didn't see the change in the company's terms and conditions: "No we didn’t realise they had changed their conditions (we’ve flown lots with these bags before).

"It just would have been decent to have a reminder at check in on the screen, or even get called before we get to the gate so we can remove it and still catch our flight!"

Double check what type of bag you have.
Alex Segre / Alamy Stock Photo

For anyone wondering, easyJet's terms and conditions state that for safety reasons a lithium battery or power banks need to be disconnected before flying.

This means that smart bag owners who are unable to disconnect the battery will be unable to fly with their luggage.

Ryanair also states that you must be able to remove the lithium battery before you put the bag in an overhead locker.

So, basically, leave your work at home and don't take smart bags on your holiday.

British Airways has a similar policy, but adds that if you are able to remove the battery from your smart bag if the lithium battery is more than 160Wh or you do not know the Wh of the battery it will not be allowed on the flight.

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