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Wince-inducing footage caught the moment a motorcycle racer was hit by an out-of-control bike that sent her into the air where she did a full 360-degree flip.

Zante Otto was racing at Killarney Race Track in Cape Town, South Africa, two weeks ago (May 27), when she was thrown from her bike after the one around five seconds ahead of her exploded and shed its fuel on the course.

Footage from the race shows Zante getting to her feet after being slid off the course, only to be struck from behind by another racer, who has also skidded into the fuel and slipped off course.

After getting herself back upright for a second time, an unmanned bike then hurtles towards her and slams into her legs.

Zante Otto was hit by an out-of-control riderless bike.
Kennedy News and Media

The force of which sends her flipping through the air to complete a full backward somersault and landing flat on her stomach.

Zante, from Cape Town, South Africa, said: "I'm very lucky to be alive. I came off so lightly.

"It wasn't very nice to watch back. It took me four or five days to watch it and see what happened.

"The moment I stood up straight was the moment the bike hit me so if I was lying down I wouldn't have come off as lucky. I could have landed worse from the flip too.

"We were racing quite close so the rider in front's bike blew up and it caused a lot of oil to come out of the motor and go onto the course.

One bike's fuel leaked onto the track, causing riders to slip.
Kennedy News and Media

"There was smoke and I wasn't far enough away from him to see a flag so I didn't realise there would be oil on the track.

"We crashed really quickly and landed on my thigh. I wanted to get away but my leg was numb. When I got hit by the rider's helmet it made my leg even more numb.

"As soon as I got up the bike hit me. There wasn't enough time for me to get away. It all happened so quickly.

"Some people have told me it was my fault but I didn't have enough time to get away.

"When I was on the floor I was just screaming in pain."

Zante was sent flying into the air, where she flipped 360-degrees.
Kennedy News and Media

Fortunately, after an assessment, it was revealed she had only broken her left ankle, shin and torn ligaments.

Surgeons told her they aren't able to operate to repair the ligaments and she was given a full leg cast on Monday (June 12) - but believes she could be back on a bike within 12 weeks.

A worker at Killarney Race Track said he had viewed the footage multiple times and is satisfied that staff reacted in the fastest time possible.

Zante also stressed that race workers couldn't have done anything to stop the accident as the time between the bike in front crashing and her doing the same was so short.

Killarney Race Track declined to comment.

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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