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Fans Not Happy About 'Embarrassing' Winnings Paddy The Baddy Earned From Fight

Fans Not Happy About 'Embarrassing' Winnings Paddy The Baddy Earned From Fight

He celebrated a first-round win at UFC London on Saturday

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

UFC fighter Paddy 'The Baddy' Pimblett has revealed what he was paid for his recent fight and some fans are less than impressed.

Pimblett is currently on a $12,000 (£9,089) contract with the UFC, so for his fight against Kazula Vargas in London on Saturday night, he picked up $12,000 to take the fight and another $12,000 for winning - bringing his total up to $24,000 (£18,178) alongside a $50,000 (£37,872) bonus for getting a finish.

Meaning that stepping into the octagon, the fighter was guaranteed just $12,000.

The 27-year-old revealed what he earned in a recent interview with Barstool Sports - you can see him talk about in the clip below, but be warned there's some explicit language.

In the interview Pimblett was asked if the $12,000 figure was correct, to which he replied: "Yeah, twelve and twelve. So, twelve to show and twelve to win."

When asked if he was really given just $24,000 for the fight, he replied: "Yeah, and then the bonus."

It's fair to say, fans of the sport were left shocked by the low figure with one person commenting: "Embarrassing and disgusting."

Another wrote: "Most underpaid athletes in the world."

While another said: "How do you pay a team, pay for a fight camp, and actually have money left to pay bills when you get 12 and 12? Lucky guy he got a bonus."

Meanwhile, YouTuber-turned fighter Jake Paul claimed Pimblett was being 'pimped' by the UFC. Posting on Twitter, he wrote: "Paddy Pimblett getting pimped. Who manages these guys?"

Paddy Pimblett.

And just hours earlier, he tweeted: "UFC always says its increased fighter pay 600 percent since 2005. Per Huddle Up, UFC revenue is up 1,700 percent since '05 and PROFITS up by 6,200 percent - 10x fighter pay!!!"

Speaking after his first-round win, Pimblett announced that he 'deserves' a new contract and said he would take on a top 15 challenger if he was offered more cash.

He said: "Without being a big-headed tool, I am the star of the show.

"It's that simple. Expect me to take over the show. I told you this. This is the 'Baddy' show. Swept the O2 right up. I wouldn't take a top 15 fight, I'll be honest, I wouldn't.

"Add some more zeroes to my contract and then I will. I think I proved tonight that I deserve a new contract. Not this little standard one."

Featured Image Credit: Alamy/Barstool Sports

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