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Fans accuse Conor McGregor of gifting head chef 'cheapest Rolex you can get' for his 50th birthday

Fans accuse Conor McGregor of gifting head chef 'cheapest Rolex you can get' for his 50th birthday

The mixed martial artist gifted the employee the luxury watch for his 50th birthday

Throughout his illustrious career as a professional mixed martial artist and boxer, Conor McGregor is believed to have raked in a huge net worth.

As well as his physical achievements, the father-of-four is also recognised for his various business ventures, including launching his very own Irish whiskey brand Proper No. Twelve, and endorsement deals with the likes of Beats by Dre, Monster Energy, Reebok and Bud Light.

Despite 35-year-old McGregor's impressive wealth, however, the controversial athlete has recently come under fire for the present he gave an employee for their impressive achievement.

According to the social media news outlet Wealth, McGregor took a trip to his self-owned Black Forge Inn pub, located in his home city.

Conor McGregor gifted the employee a Rolex for their impressive achievement.

He purchased the South Dublin drinking establishment and eatery back in 2020 for a reported £2m, before going on to buy an additional pub in the Irish county, named the Marble Arch.

And though McGregor is a regular visitor to his two taverns, his visit to the Black Forge Inn was to mark a very special occasion.

He was giving the Head Chef of his taproom, Ed Raethorne, the gift of a luxury Rolex watch for his 50th birthday, having been part of transforming the pub into a popular drinking destination.

A video of the interaction was filmed and uploaded to social media, showing the remaining staff and the public bursting into celebration following the generous gifting.

"A big happy birthday. Happy 50th birthday to you," UFC champ McGregor can be heard saying.

Fans were quick to joke about McGregor's choice of watch.

"I want to thank you for all the amazing work you do, we are very grateful to have you here. I have a big gift for you. I want to give it to you on your 50th birthday.

"You’ve joined the Rolex club. Your work is astounding, mate. Keep going, we appreciate you."

Despite the seemingly kind offer to his employee, McGregor has come under fire for allegedly gifting him 'the cheapest watch Rolex sells' - despite it still being worth thousands of pounds.

One viewer penned in the caption: "Bro couldn’t even give him a nice Rolex."

Another jibed: "Why do I get the feeling it’s a Re-gift? You know?… Like Connor found one laying around in his closet and was like 'I’ll give it to my head chef'."

"His head chef is already wearing a Rolex," pointed out a third.

Though many praised it as a 'great gesture' and one person joked: "I'm going to send this to my boss."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram / @thenotoriousmma

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