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David and Victoria Beckham roast themselves over hilarious 'be honest' documentary scene in new Super Bowl ad

David and Victoria Beckham roast themselves over hilarious 'be honest' documentary scene in new Super Bowl ad

The former footballer and ex-pop star poked fun at one of their most viral scenes from the 'Beckham' documentary

They say it's best to not take yourself too seriously, and it seems like David and Victoria Beckham are more than comfortable poking fun at themselves in a new Super Bowl advert teaser.

You can see it here:

The Beckhams are still one of England's most high profile celebrity couples, and the release of the Beckham documentary on Netflix last year only elevated them further.

Beckham is a four-part exclusive which covered the ins and outs of David Beckham's life on and off the pitch during his playing career.

It includes some never-seen-before archive footage and sit down interviews with the ex-Manchester United player and Victoria, along with some notable cameos which included David's ex-manager Sir Alex Ferguson, ex-teammate Ronaldo (the Brazilian one), ex-rival Diego Simeone and best friend Gary Neville to name a few.

Despite all this, 'Posh Spice' seemed to steal the show with her candidness and honesty.

Apart from one moment.

The Beckham documentary sparked an iconic moment.

In a scene where Victoria was talking about her childhood, she talked about her 'very working class' upbringing, to which husband David asked, from around the corner, for her to 'be honest' repeatedly.

She promised that she was being honest before finally relenting and revealing that she was driven to school in her Dad's Rolls-Royce.

Don't think that's quite working class.

In the spirit of the moment, the two have now released a teaser for a Super Bowl ad that they'll be doing for Uber Eats recreating the iconic scene.

Victoria Beckham hilariously sports a 'My Dad had a Rolls-Royce' t-shirt in the Super Bowl ad teaser.
Uber Eats

In the clip, Victoria claims that they will be in a 'little commercial' before David tells her, from around the corner again, to 'be honest'.

She finally clarifies that it is a 'big commercial', before David says to 'clarify what it's during'.

"Okay it's during the big baseball game," she admits.

David then re-iterates: "Super big baseball game."

The former Spice Girl then asked to a person off-camera if it was 'the hockey bowl', to which David sarcastically asks his wife to mention 'Jessica Aniston'.

David Beckham recreated the documentary scene with the same shot of him peaking around the corner.
Uber Eats

Victoria continues to say: "Jessica Aniston is going to be in it too", in a similar manner to her forgetfulness about her dad's car.

David then finishes by thanking his wife before shouting 'we love Jessica!' while walking away.

Victoria also shared the teaser clip to her Instagram - which received glowing testimonials from fans.

One person wrote: "Whoever came up with this deserves a raise."

Another called them 'national treasures', adding: "Oh, and Jessica Aniston, too."

Someone else wrote: "I need a shirt that says "Victoria's Dad Had a Rolls Royce."

Same here.

Featured Image Credit: Uber Eats

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