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Dillon Danis set to appeal Logan Paul fight decision after new footage emerges

Dillon Danis set to appeal Logan Paul fight decision after new footage emerges

Dillon Danis has shared his intentions on social media.

Dillon Danis isn't done with Saturday night's fight yet.

Danis took to the ring on October 14 to battle it out with YouTuber and budding WWE star, Logan Paul, with Paul going on to prove victorious.

The pair went for the full six rounds, but the boxing match ended in chaos after both corners erupted into the ring in a mass brawl.

Dillon Danis battled it out with Logan Paul on October 14.
Matt McNulty/Getty Images

The incident occurred after Danis continued to try and fight Paul after the final bell rang, sparking a member of his security team to intervene.

Danis then proceeded to try punch the security guard and was later disqualified for misconduct.

Paul won in light of his disqualification, but it was noted that he'd won on points in the previous five rounds.

But new footage surfacing from Saturday night, Dillon says he's going to file an appeal.

In the clip the MMA star-turned-boxer reshared on X (formerly Twitter), Dillon - who was on his knees at the time - appeared to try drag Paul down with him.

They then both end up against the ropes as a member of Paul's security is seen briefly entering the ring.

He wasn't needed, however, as the referee split the pair up and the match went on.

In the wake of the security guard entering the ring, Danis feels like he has premise to appeal the match result.

He penned on X: "There was multiple offenses I’ll be submitting my appeal to the commission today [sic]."

As per the Association of Boxing Commissions and Combat Sports' regulatory guidelines: "No person other than the contestants and the referee shall enter the ring during a bout."

Meanwhile, in between rounds, only one member of the boxer's team can enter the ring.

Two others may be on the edge of the ring, but the fourth member must stay on the floor.

A member of Paul's security ended up having to intervene.
Matt McNulty/Getty Images

"The physician may enter the ring if asked by the referee, the supervising commission or the inspectors to examine an injury to a contestant," the Association adds.

In regards to what happens if an unauthorised person enters the ring during the fight, apparently it's down to the referee to decide if to stop the exhibition or not.

In this case, the referee did not.

Many would argue that it's unlikely that the appeal will be successful in light of Danis' disqualification.

There are several reasons why a person might be disqualified, but the reason Danis was, was because he attempted to trap Paul in a guillotine choke - a moved used in MMA.

Featured Image Credit: DAZN

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