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Dillon Danis explosively claims rules were changed for Logan Paul after he 'missed weight'

Dillon Danis explosively claims rules were changed for Logan Paul after he 'missed weight'

He's claimed that rules were changed for Logan Paul

Dillon Danis has claimed that the rules over weigh-ins for his upcoming fight against Logan Paul were changed.

On X, formerly known as Twitter, Logan Paul quoted a story from Daily Loud claiming Drake had bet $850,000 that he'd knock Dillon Danis out at the AO Arena in Manchester tomorrow (14 October) night.

Paul said it would be 'easy money' and Danis then quoted that to say 'fight's off you missed weight' little more than a day before the two are meant to step into the ring.

It seems as though he's got beef about Logan Paul and the deadline for the weigh-in, claiming that his opponent missed the deadline.

There had been suggestions that Logan's brother Jake might have to step in and cover for him in the fight.

Taking to social media Danis wrote: "The commission's rules state that weigh-ins are between 10 and 11. If you miss the 11 o'clock deadline, you've missed weight.

Dillon Danis made the explosive claims on social media.

"I weighed in at 10:15, but Logan still hasn't. The commission said that if he doesn't arrive by the 11am deadline, the fight is off.

"He missed the weight, but then called Misfits and changed the rules to give himself an extra hour. We should be on an even playing field, he shouldn't get special treatment.

"He’s already got more juice than Tropicana. He missed the weight, plain and simple. They’re trying to handicap me as much as possible.

"He claims he made weight, but it doesn't count. The rules are the rules.

"If he wants to be viewed as a genuine boxer, he needs to follow the 11 o'clock deadline. Look at the time he posted. It's not fair; I had to follow the rules, and he isn't an exception.

"This isn’t complaining. What is fair is fair. No drug tests, breaking the weigh-in rules – I ain’t nobody’s b***h. I run the show. F**k Logan Paul.

Dillon Danis claims Logan Paul had leeway on the weigh-in timing.
Ben Roberts Photo/Getty Images

"This fake commission is paid for by KSI and Misfits. They do whatever they say to get paid. This whole thing is a bunch of bulls**t."

Jake Paul did say he would 'always have my brother's back' if he was needed to step in but would not reply to Danis directly as he believed 'it would only amplify his harassment'.

He said he 'would take great joy in knocking that maggot out' if his brother needed him to step in.

Logan Paul posted a screenshot of Dillon Danis' tweets and said 'he's so scared of me'.

When asked by LADbible about the claims on Logan Paul missing his weight, DAZN said there was 'no truth' to it.

Featured Image Credit: Ben Roberts Photo/Getty Images/Twitter/LoganPaul

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