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Martin Lewis highlights problem with new England shirts following outrage over flag

Martin Lewis highlights problem with new England shirts following outrage over flag

Some fans are not happy about the new design

Martin Lewis has spoken out following the release of England's controversial new shirt.

Now, usually, new international kits is a time of excitement, as it means a tournament is on the horizon.

However, when photos of Harry Kane and Bukayo Saka came out this week, with the star players showing off the new colours, there were many fans out there who were less than impressed.

A small detail on the home shirt left some people absolutely disgusted, as the kit's manufacturer, Nike, had tweaked the St George's flag on the collar.

The new kit will be worn by England at Euro 2024.

Rather than the typical red cross on a white background, for this shirt, which will be worn at Euro 2024, the brand has made the horizontal line purple and blue.

The move led to calls from fans for the sportswear giant to change the design.

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer told the Sun he felt the 'flag is used by everybody, it is a unifier, it doesn't need to be changed'.

"We just need to be proud of it," he said.

"So I think they should just reconsider this and change it back.

"I'm not even sure they properly can explain why they thought they needed to change in the first place."

The new St George's cross as caused a stir.

Well, financial whizz, Martin Lewis, has now offered his take on the situation.

However, instead of kicking off about a slight design change to the shirt, he said he believes there is a much bigger issue with it: the price.

Initially, the Money Saving Expert shared a poll to see what people thought of the cross, with 'ditch it' and 'who cares' as the options.

He then added in a later tweet: "PS never mind the fact the new English football kits shirts cost £125 (£85 for the lesser 'stadium version') amidst a cost of living crisis!"

Commenting on Lewis' post, one user added: "What's sadder is that the reason prices go up is because people still buy it regardless.Time for a boycott imo."

The feelings were shared by football writer Henry Winter, who said it was appalling that fans were being asked to fork out over £100 for the kids authentic kit.

He said: "Nike show lack of understanding of #ENG football with re-coloured cross on home shirt.

"More concerning is cost: £119.99 for kids authentic shirt (£64.99 replica). 'With a national squad as historic as England, tradition must be honoured,' says Nike of design. Expensive tradition."

LADbible has contacted the FA for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Nike Football/ITV

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