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Euro 2024 draw interrupted by sex noise prank

Euro 2024 draw interrupted by sex noise prank

Let's hope nobody was watching with their parents...

In a moment I sincerely hope nobody was watching with their parents, this evening's Euro 2024 draw was interrupted by the infamous sex noise prank.

And naturally, it made for some pretty awkward viewing. Take a look:

Tonight saw the long-awaited draw happen for next year's Euros, with the final groups being selected as:

Group A: Germany, Scotland, Hungary, Switzerland

Group B: Spain, Croatia, Italy, Albania

Group C: Slovenia, Denmark, Serbia, England

Group D: Play-off winner A (Poland/Wales/Finland/Estonia), Netherlands, France, Austria

Group E: Belgium, Slovakia, Romania, play-off winner B (Israel/Bosnia and Herzegovina/Ukraine/Iceland)

Group F: Turkey, play-off winner B (Georgia/Greece/Kazakstan/Luxembourg), Portugal, Czech Republic

While the selection was as exciting as ever and football fans are no doubt feeling satisfied seeing their team's allocations, viewers couldn't help but be distracted by a little (if not slightly X-rated) mishap happen live on air.

The sex sounds blared through the audio as the presenters tried to keep straight faces.

In an almost exact repeat of Gary Lineker's BBC One coverage of Wolverhampton Wanderers vs. Liverpool earlier this year, the viral sex noise tape could be heard as the teams were being drawn.

While the presenters were very clearly trying their best to ignore the sounds - audio many of us will sadly be familiar with thanks to Twitter trolls and memes - it made for some pretty awkward (and hilarious) viewing.

One viewer pointed out: "Bro trying his best to keep a straight face," as the presenter, did indeed, try to keep a straight face.

And another added: "THE TROLL IS BACK," in relation to the similar incident Lineker had to endure earlier this year.

Well, the culprit behind the particular sex noise prank back in January did eventually come forward, revealing that they'd simply taped a phone to the back of the BBC studio which they went on to ring over and over again - thus blasting the porn noises.

Do we have a copycat on our hands? Only time will tell...

Featured Image Credit: UEFA

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