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Euro 2024 fans notice ‘evil’ thing BBC did after Cristiano Ronaldo missed penalty

Euro 2024 fans notice ‘evil’ thing BBC did after Cristiano Ronaldo missed penalty

An ex-England star slammed the BBC for mocking Cristiano Ronaldo at Euro 2024

The BBC really rubbed salt in the wound when Cristiano Ronaldo missed a penalty in his Euro 2024 match against Slovenia - and fans aren't happy.

Yep, El Bicho himself missed a penalty during an all-important international game.

Portugal faced Slovenia last night (1 July) in the Euros Round of 16 and the ‘GOAT’ striker was left crying on the football pitch in extra time.

Following a frustrating goalless draw, Ronaldo’s teammates had to console him when goalie Jan Oblak perfectly saved his penalty shot in the 105th minute.

Luckily for Portugal, the 39-year-old didn’t miss again when the match went to a penalty shootout and the side are now through to a quarterfinal against France on Friday.

However, even though he did score in the end, it’s not exactly been taken lightly that he missed that first, potentially match-winning one.

He couldn't believe it either. (Dan Mullan/Getty Images)
He couldn't believe it either. (Dan Mullan/Getty Images)

I mean, no matter how right or wrong it is, it’s always a given that people on social media are going to poke fun and make jokes at someone’s expense.

But this time the BBC seems to have gotten in on it.

Viewers spotted that during its analysis of Oblak’s impressive save, the broadcaster decided to use the caption ‘Misstiano Penaldo’. Now, you’ve got to admit, that’s pretty witty.

Fans and pundits alike aren’t exactly impressed though, and ex-England captain John Terry shared a photo of the pun on his TV screen as he wrote on his Instagram Stories: “BBC this is a disgrace!”

One fan wrote on X: “BBC putting ‘Misstiano Penaldo’ as the graphic on his pen is EVIL work.”

Another said it was ‘in a very poor taste’ while others said it’ll ‘feed football twitter for YEARS’.

People were not happy. (Instagram/johnterry.26)
People were not happy. (Instagram/johnterry.26)

Some said BBC Sport ‘should be embarrassed’ as they couldn’t believe it was real.

Following the match, Ronaldo said: “I could have given the national team the advantage, but I didn’t manage it, Oblak saved.

"I didn’t miss once during the year, when I needed it most Oblak saved.

"It’s a feeling of sadness and joy at the same time, but the most important thing is the progress, the team deserved it. Slovenia spent almost the entire time defending, the team deserves congratulations, especially our goalkeeper who made three good saves [in the shootout].‌

“Even the strongest people have their days, I was down and I was sad because the team needed me... I can't do it, I'll talk later, I'll talk later.”

LADbible has contacted the BBC for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Ralf Ibing - firo sportphoto/Getty Images BBC

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