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Golf pro explains why she reacted the way she did after man 'who's played for 20 years' told her how to swing

Golf pro explains why she reacted the way she did after man 'who's played for 20 years' told her how to swing

She's explained her reaction to the viral video

By now you've probably seen the viral video of professional golfer Georgia Ball being given advice on her swing by some guy.

If not, she was at the driving range when a stranger who didn't appear to realise he was talking to a golf pro offered some unsought advice.

He told Georgia she was doing it wrong, while the golf pro tried to explain that she was just trying out a new style of swing.

Undeterred by her telling him this twice in a row, he then tried to take credit for her next swing while he said he'd been 'playing golf 20 years'.

The clip has gone absolutely viral since Georgia posted it to her TikTok and Instagram, with plenty calling the bloke out for a textbook example of 'mansplaining' and praising the golf pro for handling the situation so politely.

When you're a golf pro at the driving range and some bloke starts giving you advice.

Others admitted they probably wouldn't have shown the same 'levels of class and restraint' (as TV presenter Dan Walker put it) if they'd been in Georgia's shoes, as the professional golf coach remained the very model of politeness despite the bloke missing several rather clear social cues that he didn't need to keep giving her advice.

Georgia explained her reaction to LADbible, saying that she doesn't mind people coming up and giving her advice and the vast majority of times she talks to other golfers it's very positive.

She said: "To be honest the entire experience has been overwhelming - but in a very good way of course!

"At the time during the conversation with him I was totally open to any advice and taking any feedback on board - as I am with anyone, pro golfer or not.

"It was when he wouldn't let me speak or let me properly explain what I was doing with my swing change, I just thought it was best to get back to my practice session.

A golf coach with the Professional Golfers' Association, Georgia often shares tips for the keen golfer.

"In the moment I honestly didn't know what to say and was quite shocked but now I can look back and see the funny side as many people have online and around the world.

"I have a lot of interactions with golfers daily and 99 percent are super positive, supportive and fantastic!

"Everyone in this sport is here to help each other and grow the sport which is something I'm massively passionate about.

"This was the first time an interaction like this to this extent has happened and I think that's why I was so taken aback in the moment."

If you want the kind of golfing technique which you can't learn just by playing it for 20 years then you could hire Georgia to teach you a lesson.

Alternatively, she's got plenty of videos on her social media with tips and handy bits of advice for the keen golfer.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/georgiagolfcoach

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