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Ice Hockey player has chest slashed open in horrific accident mid game

Ice Hockey player has chest slashed open in horrific accident mid game

The young Norwegian star tried to carry on playing after the slash

Content Warning: Contains content that some readers may find distressing

An ice hockey player had their chest slashed open in a horrific accident mid-game.

Jonas Nyhus Myhre was caught by another player’s blade during a game in Norway on Thursday (30 November).

The 19-year-old was playing for his team Lørenskog, against Storhamar in the Norweigan ice hockey league.

He’d gone into a clash with an opposing defender when their stray blade slashed through not only his clothing, but also his skin and muscle.

While he started to bleed, Jonas got up and carried on skating straight away.

However, the player soon realised he couldn’t use his muscles properly and skated over to the bench.

Jonas then asked his teammates to take a look and check if they could see anything – leading to him immediately being sent to hospital.




Jonas Nyhus Myhre.
Elite Prospects

He said after the game: “I had so much adrenaline that I didn't feel it for the first few minutes. But after about five minutes it started hurting like hell and I couldn’t use the pectoral muscle.

“I never saw the wound myself so I pulled up my jersey and asked some teammates if it was bleeding. They had a shock reaction and immediately called for a doctor."

"The chest muscle was split in half."

He later added to Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet that the clash with his opponent felt as though a horse had kicked him.

The slash in the young star’s chest was so deep that doctors had to stitch both his skin and his muscle back together.

Things could have been much worse for him had the blade struck him closer to his heart.

Jonas said: “I was very lucky.”

Originally due to represent his country at the upcoming World Hockey Championships, the player is now expected to be out until well into the new year.

Jonas Nyhus Myhre isn't expected to return to the sport until early next year.
skynesher/Getty Images

It’s said Jonas likely won’t make a return until the middle of February, at the earliest.

This horrific accident comes just a month after the tragic death of Nottingham Panthers star Adam Johnson.

The American ice hockey star died on 28 October after being hit in the neck by a skate during a match in Sheffield.

As a result, the Ice Hockey World Federation is now introducing mandatory neck protection for all of its competitions.

The federation added: “Until the rule officially goes into effect, the IIHF continues to strongly recommend that neck laceration protectors are worn by all players performing in an IIHF competition."

Featured Image Credit: Elite Prospects/Getty Stock Image

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