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BBC apologises for playing Spanish commentary during World Cup Final as viewers switch to ITV

BBC apologises for playing Spanish commentary during World Cup Final as viewers switch to ITV

Viewers said they were forced to switch over

Viewers tuning into the BBC’s coverage of the Women’s World Cup were left confused after and threatening to change channels after hearing Spanish commentary.

England’s Lionesses are facing Spain at Stadium Australia in Sydney today with more than 13 million people expected to be watching along.

But the BBC’s coverage left some viewers less than impressed after they complained that the Spanish commentators could be heard more clearly than their English counterparts.

Taking to X, formerly known as Twitter, one fan said: “It would be great if we didn’t hear the Spanish commentary over our English commentary!”

Someone else said: “Sort out your commentary BBC - you can hear the Spanish commentary in the background, it’s almost as loud as your commentary!”

Millions of fans are set to watch the final.

While a third person added: “What a waste. Most important game for England's women team of all time and all you can hear is the Spanish commentary.”

Others said they had to change the channel due to the confusing commentary.

“Listening to the Spanish commentary made me turn over to ITV,” one viewer wrote.

Another said: “Sorry but switched to ITV already as the commentary quality is very very poor.”

Someone else said: “Switching to ITV so I don't have to listen to the Spanish commentary in the background.”

English commentator Robyn Cowen issued an apology for the overlap of voices, telling viewers: “Apologies if you were hearing our Spanish colleagues, who are already very, very up for this.”

Today’s match is the first time England’s women’s side has made it to a World Cup final.

The UK government has faced calls to introduce an extra bank holiday if the women’s side do manage to bring it home, with opposition leader Sir Keir Starmer taking to social media to say: “It’s almost 60 years since England won the World Cup.

It promises to be a nail-biting World Cup final.

“I’m never complacent about anything… but there should be a celebratory bank holiday if the Lionesses bring it home.”

However, Culture Secretary Lucy Frazer has ruled out an extra bank holiday.

Speaking to the PA news agency before kick-off, Frazer said: “We will definitely be celebrating the victory of the Lionesses, whether they win in the final or not, they’ve done a tremendous amount of work to get to this stage, and we will be marking it definitely in some way.

“A bank holiday isn’t something that we’re considering at the moment.”

Since calls for an extra bank holiday were first made last week, the government has pushed back against the idea, but has insisted it would find the ‘right way to celebrate’ if the Lionesses emerge victorious.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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