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Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta accused of committing 'sackable offence' for way he ate steak off Salt Bae’s fork

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta accused of committing 'sackable offence' for way he ate steak off Salt Bae’s fork

The football boss' questionable dinner-time behaviour was caught on camera

Football boss Mikel Arteta has come under fire from thousands of fans after he was caught on camera exhibiting some interesting behaviour at the dinner table.

The 41-year-old Arsenal manager has been relaxing in Dubai with his family amid his London team's winter break.

And during his vacation to the UAE, however, Arteta ventured on down to luxury steakhouse Nusr-Et, founded by online sensation, Salt Bae.

Famed for the innovative - and often sensual - way he cuts his high-end meats before seasoning them with sea salt, the Turkish butcher has remained a social media meme since 2017.

What was originally an internet joke, however, quickly developed into a multi-restaurant franchise, frequently visited by Hollywood superstars and A-list celebrities who travel from all over the world.

His chain has over 20 locations in Turkey, Greece, the US, the UK, the UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Salt Bae's fame came after he was made into an online meme.

As mentioned, among the flood of big-names to visit the Dubai eatery recently was Arteta, who stopped by ahead of Arsenal's game against Crystal Palace next Saturday (20 January).

However, he has been panned by sports fans across the globe for the peculiar way he was spotted eating a piece of steak right off of Salt Bae's (real name Nusret Gökçe) fork.

The chef had gently sliced the succulent cut of meat before skewering it onto a fork, after which Arteta was seen on camera to be knocking his head back and chomping away on.

Mikel Arteta ate steak off of Salt Bae's fork.

The duo were then seen side-by-side in a sweet table-side embrace, after which the photos and video were posted to social media.

Sharing the now-viral content online, several fans have joked that Arteta deserves to lose his job over his bold eating techniques.

"Arteta eating steak straight off Salt Bae’s fork should be a sackable offence in my opinion," one footie fan teased.

Another penned: "They gonna be using that Salt Bae and Arteta meme whenever Arsenal hold an L. I hate it over here."

"Why is Arteta with Salt Bae he's so unserious," asked a third.

A fourth then joked: "Why have I just watched Arteta being seduced by Salt Bae."

While someone else jibed: "We totally deserve to be relegated after that."

Arteta's now-iconic visit to Salt Bae's Dubai restaurant comes just months after another diner shared the most astonishing cost breakdown of a bill from the steakhouse.

The food blogger shared a snap of the bill online.

'South Dallas Foodie' - a food blogger, who obviously loves food - took to X to break the news that has left thousands of culinary connoisseurs blown away.

The bill comes from 2021 at Nusr-Et Miami for a table of six, which - as you can see by the photo - totalled at over $6,000.

Some of the biggest shockers from the bill include a Sprite for $10, as well as two $19 portions of mashed potato, two $80 portions of spaghetti and a $1,000 Tomahawk Steak.

On top of that, the restaurant added an 18 percent service charged, which totalled $889.72.

Commenting on the bill, the food blogger said: "In what universe does spaghetti cost 80 bucks per serving????"

Featured Image Credit: X

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