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WWE fans turn on The Rock after he calls them 'inbred' in shocking rant

WWE fans turn on The Rock after he calls them 'inbred' in shocking rant

He blasted fans, calling them 'trailer park trash' on WWE

The Rock was met with boos yesterday after launching a blistering rant at fans - dubbing them ‘trailer park trash’.

The decision for The Rock - real name Dwayne Johnson - to return to WWE had been met with some hesitation by fans.

It all kicked off after rumours began to swirl that The Rock was set to take on Roman Reigns in a fight that many thought should have been between Reigns and Cody Rhodes.

Rhodes is the current Undisputed WWE Universal Champion and fans hoped to see him ‘finish his story’ at WrestleMania 40, with one saying the decision to change up the fight was ‘the biggest misstep in history’.

However, no-one was prepared for how things panned out last night as the legendary wrestler turned his back on fans and officially joined The Bloodline.

The Rock had made his return to wrestling.

On Friday Night SmackDown this week, the wrestler channelled his ‘Hollywood Rock’ persona in a Versace vest and fancy sunnies before releasing a scathing attack on the gathered fans in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Making a change from his usual crowd-pleasing act, The Rock said: “You broke the all-time record for the largest gathering of trailer park trash The Rock has ever seen.”

Ouch. And he didn’t stop there.

He went on: “Finally your life has meaning! Finally you and your 50 wives will have a story to tell and you know what I’m talking about.

“You’ll have a story to tell your 600 inbred grandchildren one day and that is what it’s like to look at greatness in the flesh because finally The Rock has come back to Salt Lake City!”

The Rock was quick to slam the ‘Cody crybabies’ who demanded that the fight between Rhodes and Reign take place at the expense of him taking on Reigns himself.

The Rock announced that he was joining The Bloodline.

He hit out: “You flushed it down the toilet. The same toilet you sat your fat asses on and you sat there and tweeted ‘We want Cody! We want Cody! Cody’s gotta finish his story! He’s gotta finish his story!’

“You’re laughing now and you’re booing because it’s true.”

As you can imagine, the fans were less than impressed with The Rock's display and boos rung out through the crowd - but he made it clear that he was returning as a very different wrestler from the one fans may have been used to.

“Sing-along with The Rock is over,” he said.

“You lost that privilege. Sit there and shut your mouth and enjoy the ride that The Rock is taking you on!

“If ya smell what The Bloodline is cookin’!”

Featured Image Credit: WWE

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