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Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson dresses as his own iconic meme for Christmas Day

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson dresses as his own iconic meme for Christmas Day

He pulled out the bum bag and gold chain for Christmas

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson decided to dress as a meme of himself for Christmas. Why not, eh?

As fans may remember, the 51-year-old actor went viral a few years back after someone unearthed an old photograph of him wearing a particularly snazzy outfit, complete with gold chain worn over his polo neck and a rather fetching bumbag. You can see him recreate the look here:

No stranger to poking fun at himself, Johnson has revived the outfit in the past and, for a Christmas treat for us all, he’s done it again.

Posting the clip to his Instagram, Johnson wrote: “Merry Christmas, from your keepin’ it [100 emoji] friend. 90’s Rock.” He also included the hashtag #TappinFannys, which I think doesn’t translates very well to the UK.

In the clip, he shows off the outfit in full while singing the festive hit The Christmas Song by Nat King Cole.

As you can imagine, his fans went wild for the clip and its quickly racked up more than two million ‘likes’.

Dwayne Johnson recreated the look for Christmas.

Earlier this year, the former WWE star was left less than impressed after a French museum made a waxwork of him.

The Grevin Museum in Paris, but fans were quick to point out that something was ‘off’ about the star.

"Not one of your best guys - considering the quality of the rest of the museum, there’s something not right about the sculpt on this," said one person on Instagram.

Another added: "Is it a little pale or is it the lighting?"

A third wrote: "It doesn't look like him at all!"

Kevin Hart also expressed his joy over the recreation.

Some pointed to the skin tone, whereas others thought it resembled Channing Tatum or Vin Diesel more than The Rock.

Johnson weighed in on the matter himself, posting on Instagram to say he would be getting in touch with the museum to request ‘updates’ to the wax work.

"For the record, I’m going to have my team reach out to our friends at Grevin Museum, in Paris France so we can work at 'updating' my wax figure here with some important details and improvements- starting with my skin color," he said on Instagram.

"And next time I’m in Paris, I’ll stop in and have a drink with myself."

An old photo of the star wearing a similar outfit became a meme a few years back.

The Grevin Museum, which is home to hundreds of wax works, admitted that the Johnson figure wasn’t one of its best.

The museum said in a statement to Deadline: “Dwayne Johnson is right and we noticed it and will obviously remedy it as quickly as possible and send him new photos once completed.

"We are waiting for him when he will come to Paris and the Grevin Wax Museum to celebrate that with a cup of champagne.”

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@therock

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